Writing a Dissertation Takes FOREVER

I'm still at the proposal stage. This is my third proposal in three years. The first proposal I wrote was my favourite, but my community partner fell through (I was supposed to work with PFLAG, but the ED stopped returning my calls and emails with no explanation). My second proposal was co-developed by a co-advisor… Continue reading Writing a Dissertation Takes FOREVER

Reflecting on birth and post-partum a year later (Part 2: post-partum) 

Post-partum was a lesson for me in just how hard having a baby was. I had dreamt of it being all naps and snuggles and having coffee at the cafe with her sleeping in the stroller. Nope, not in the cards for us. I struggled with post-partum anxiety. I didn't feel safe taking her anywhere. I was also fiercely protective and didn't like it when others held her. I tried to hide us away in a little bubble of my motherly love, hoping it would keep us both safe from the scary outside world.