First Official Fertility Consultation

I went to my general practitioner (GP) in February and told her that my wife and I were thinking about starting a family and we wanted some information. It felt funny going into Student Health Services and asking “How do I get pregnant?” The GP gave me a referral to a fertility specialist (we waited 6 weeks from referral to appointment), and ordered blood work. All of this is covered by Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP), which all Ontarian’s are entitled to. I love Canada.

The first lesson about my body that I learned in this process is that the first day of a period does not include spotting. So when I had cycle day 3 blood work done, I found out afterward that it was actually done on cycle day 2. Waste. of. time.

Anyway, the referral to see the fertility specialist was at the end of March. The specialist made my wife feel at ease, and made me feel terrified. He was very kind and funny and I doubt he could have done anything to ease my tensions – it was just that he handed me a stack of papers containing new blood requisitions, multiple ultrasound reqs (with a “this is a painful one” warning), and prescriptions for supplements, vitamins, and exercise.

I am one of the lucky few who looks like I exercise even though I don’t. I hate exercise. But the doctor warned me that IF I have PCOS, certain PCOS genes can “kick on” later in life, meaning I could go from not having to work at it to fighting obesity all of a sudden (I hope he was being dramatic…). He said that this had something to do with insulin and testosterone. My wife remembers what he said but everything was a blur after about the fourth piece of paper containing “doctors orders” that he handed me.

So I am taking up exercise….

In April and May I will go for a pelvic ultrasound to “rule out PCOS”, a Sonohysterogram (SHG) to assess the condition of my uterus, and a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) to assess the openness of my fallopian tubes. Can’t wait for these tests to be over and done with.


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