Bad blood

Today I had cycle day 3 blood work done. It went badly…

I used to have a huge fear of needles, and white coat syndrome (where I passed out with any medical test/procedure). However, I have been feeling like it is about time to get over that nonsense. Today I decided I felt brave, and I opted to sit instead of lay down for the blood collection. I wasn’t even nervous. But then, when the blood was out and I was holding the cotton ball, I started to pass out. It is usually a long, drawn out process that doesn’t always end in a heap on the floor. First, my hearing went. Then I started sweating profusely. Then I got tunnel vision. I rationalized that it was just my body being stupid and not knowing that it was actually just fine, so I got up and went to pee in a cup. It only made things worse…

Although I didn’t lose consciousness, I had to lay down in a collection room for half an hour before I could stand up. My muscles were cramping and I felt nauseous. What the hell, body?? How embarrassing.

So now that I am feeling sorry for myself, nursing a headache, and still feeling light headed, I decided to look at cute baby stuff to remind me why this is all going to be worth it.

penguin cardigan from TheHumbleLemon etsyTweed Pants from Nordstromtoddler converse from Journeys Kidz

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