How To Inseminate At Home

Love this super funny and informative post…


A Guide for the Future Lesbian Family, or Single-Mom-By-Choice

(I’ve been teaching my second-grade class how to write a “How-To” book, so I’ll follow that format. I’m writing this because I have so many folks who find my site by searches, who might like to hear it. My most-viewed post ever is The Pros and Cons of IUI vs. DIY. So here’s a little DIY elaboration. I have to entertain myself somehow while waiting to go off birth control pills!)

You will need:

  • Good health insurance (optional)
  • A wad of cash or credit for sperm, or a really nice, disease-free donor, who seems like he’ll never get all weird on you and who doesn’t mind pleasuring himself at the drop of a hat
  • A medicine syringe (needle-less, used for giving liquid medicine to an infant) easily purchased at most drug stores
  • Fertility chart
  • This great book and/or

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