Life is good

When I started blogging I had planned on writing exclusively about baby making. I wanted to create a compendium of information that might be relevant to other same-sex parents-to-be. But now that I have been writing for a couple of months I am starting to get more comfortable with the idea of writing about personal stuff in general. I might start to throw in some stuff about my life that doesn’t directly relate to baby making. Hope nobody minds.

Life is going really good for me right now… Everything is comin’ up Milhouse. I am co-author of a National report on LGBT inclusion in the workplace that has been garnering media attention – I did my first radio interview yesterday and I got to talk about heteronormativity and the importance of disclosing one’s identity. Last week I was elected Chair of a not for profit organization. This week I solidified a wonderful research-community partnership with PFLAG Canada, which means I can now finish my dissertation proposal and get that ball rolling. I have two manuscripts out for review, and have data and plans for 2 more this summer. Today I made a big pitcher of iced coffee and I am spending the day working outside in my backyard, enjoying the heat, drinking iced coffee. Perfect day.

And back on the baby making front… I will start using OPKs on Saturday. I bought a pack of expensive digital ones from the drug store because my internet cheapies won’t have arrived in time to catch this cycle. Holy hell they are expensive! $40 for 9 tests!

I also have to find a lawyer, find a good known donor contract to tweak, and make a date with our known donor couple to talk things over in more detail.

But for now I really should get back to work…

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