Potentially went a little crazy on the OPKs…

I may have gotten too many OPKs… My pack of 100 cheapies finally arrived today. I ordered them back in April… Because of their delay in getting here I used expensive OPKs for this cycle. Line is getting darker and I will probably get a + tonight or tomorrow, CD17 or 18. I think that makes sense since I have an approximate 30 day cycle.


My first ever bbt chart is coming along nicely. I’m so excited to see it when the cycle is complete, and I will post it when it’s done. With the pattern I can guess at so far, I am disappointed to see that my predicted fertile window for our tentative starting month coincides with our 1 year anniversary trip to Newfoundland. Perhaps my cycle will shift over the next 3 months and we will be able to use our trip as a distraction for our first two week wait. Or perhaps September won’t be our starting month for a multitude of other reasons. We will wait and see.

In other news, I am going back to my home town for a high school music alumni reunion and concert this weekend. High school was without a doubt the worst period in my life so far, and I don’t like to remember anything about it. But the music program is likely what kept me alive during those tumultuous years, so I feel I owe it to the program to go back and pay my respects. I have mixed emotions about this weekend, but mostly I am just looking forward to Sunday night when I am back home, no longer having to walk down memory lane.

2 thoughts on “Potentially went a little crazy on the OPKs…

  1. I wouldn’t worry too much about your fertile window prediction just yet. While I do have a slightly irregular cycle, I’ve found that the longer I use the Fertility Friend app, the better it gets at predicting my future cycles. We’re facing the same thing in July. Looks like we’re gonna be out of town at a wedding when I ovulate. Bummer.

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  2. We used the same OPKs! I recognize the package. For us, the line never got quite as dark as the control line, despite testing every 12 hours when my wife had other fertility signs (saliva scope and CM). So if that happens to you, know that it might be the OPKs and not your LH levels; you’ll notice a pattern even if it doesn’t get really dark. Anyway, they helped us get pregnant the first cycle we tried, so I can’t really complain!

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