First tracked cycle

I ovulated! First time tracking and it was pretty straight forward. The temperature spike was not as noticeable as I was expecting, but the fertilityfriend app gave me a cross-hairs this morning, so it must have been noticeable enough!

Cycle 1 (June) temp chart Cycle 1 (June) OPKs

The OPK from ovulation day (CD19) was early morning pee, so it could have picked up on the hormones in my system from the night before – that’s probably why I had a positive OPK on the same day as my temp surge.

So I guess if we were trying this cycle we would have inseminated on CD17 and 18? Would it make sense to start as early as CD15, because the EWCM was there? I have been drinking more water than normal (still difficult to force myself to drink the minimum daily recommended amount), and I have been taking fish oils every day for the past 2 months, and it seems to have given me more fertile CM than I had noticed before officially tracking in the past.

In my last post I complained about having to go back to my high school for my music program alumni weekend. I am now eating my words… In my active memory, high school had felt like a struggle to get through and I wanted to put it behind me, as if it were another person with the same name as me who went through it, not me. I was so nervous to walk down those halls again that I got hives for the first time in my life! However, the overwhelmingly good feelings that came out of making music with my old orchestra reminded me of all the amazing parts of my high school experience, thanks completely to the music program. I am no longer ashamed/embarrassed of my teen years, because I am reminded that I was a part of something truly amazing during my time in high school.

It even reignited my interest in the violin… after almost 10 years of not playing, I picked it up again and played some pieces for fun. The violin used to be my life… my whole world… I started playing when I was 6 after begging my parents to let me take lessons, and I played right through until high school where I became concert master. I joined a community orchestra as well and was playing in one orchestra or another almost every night of the week after school. But then, after high school, when the bad times of my teen years overshadowed the good, I associated music with the person I was then. I broke up with music. But now I feel I have closure on the bad times from my past, and I am free to remember the good times again. What a powerful weekend it was….


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