New cycle, new phase

Today is cycle day 1.

For the last cycle, which was the first cycle I tried out my charting skills, I didn’t start temping until CD10, and I stopped as soon as I ovulated. I’ve had a bottle of folic acid sitting in the cupboard for a couple of months, but wasn’t ready to start taking it. We were still on the fence about when we would actually start trying, and we were still concerned that using our friend as a donor would end up being too complicated.

This cycle feels a little more real… We now have a goal for when we would like to start inseminating – in September. We feel good about our donor couple and have continued the discussion with them. We have even started looking into where to buy the accoutrement for at-home insemination, and I am gathering fee-quotes from lawyers to do our donor agreement and second parent adoption (I will rant about this another time).

This cycle I am going to temp every day, for the whole cycle. I have a feeling it will be useful to know what my body tends to do near the end of the luteal phase, for a time in the future when I am trying to figure out if I am pregnant based on subtle, subjective signs. I am also going to start taking the folic acid today, because if we have some wild lucky streak and get a #oneanddone pregnancy in September, I will have had 3 months of folic acid pre-pregnancy.

This waiting and planning phase seems long and drawn out, like we’re sitting on our hands until fall. It might be a slower time in my blogging, but it also leaves me with blank pages to write about other things…

…like my garden! It is finally starting to fill out with the end of the rain and the return of the sun. My wife made me some beautiful trellises, and I am already harvesting lettuce, kale, english breakfast radishes and herbs. We will be eating peas and garlic scapes by next week. Here are some pics of my summer-time pride and joy.

20150619_115101 20150619_115435 20150619_115440

2 thoughts on “New cycle, new phase

  1. That’s a beautiful garden. The waiting phase always seems sooooo long. I feel like once we are actively TTCing, things will speed up, as we’ll have actions to take every two-ish weeks. But for now, we’re in the same boat. I’m trying to really enjoy being kid-free and make time for date nights, lazy days, etc. We should enjoy it while we can!

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