Vacations are stressful…

My wife and I go to her family cottage every weekend we are available in the summers. Although the cottage is nestled between sand dunes right on a beautiful body of water, it isn’t always relaxing for me. It is a tiny, quaint little cottage which is how a cottage should be, in my opinion; but when you get the whole family all together in the tiny space, the introvert in me starts to feel anxious and overwhelmed.

So when we decided to take our summer vacation at the cottage for one week, just the two of us, I was SO excited. But now that we are only a week away from our departure, I am starting to stress about all the work projects I need to cross off my to-do list before we go, about all the house & home tasks and packing lists… when will I have time to cut the lawn so it is not a hay field when we return? When will I get all the laundry done so we can pack? If I don’t get these two conference presentations done before we go away, will I be panicked when I return with only a week to prepare them? Will I be able to get this draft of my dissertation proposal sent off to my advisor before we leave? I have a meeting with my advisor the Monday after we return. When will I be able to access wifi at the cottage so I can do some marking that is only available to me during my one-week vacation timeline?

Every evening this week we have a social/volunteer obligation. The weekend before we leave we are helping family move. Of the 7 days we are up there, 3 days are packed with partying friends staying with us, one day my mom really wants to visit so she can celebrate our birthdays, and one or two of the days we will be cleaning and grocery shopping in preparation of all the guests. All I really want to do is spend time laying in the canoe at dawn listening to the loons, or reading a book under the beach umbrella, recharging my introverted energies.

I am feeling like vacations are more stress and work than they are worth in relaxation.

5 thoughts on “Vacations are stressful…

  1. Wow, do I relate to this. I hope you can find time for yourself (and the loons). My ideal vacation is either at home, with no obligations, or relaxing on a beach somewhere – again, with absolutely no obligations. That just sounds like a pretty setting layered in stress. Can you tell your visitors to vamoose and/or potluck it?

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  2. We just got back from a week-long trip to a cottage that was anything BUT relaxing. But I’m still glad we went for a change of scenery. I hope you get some time to do what you need to do and give yourself the opportunity to relax a little!

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  3. I totally get this. We are leaving Thursday for a 4-night vacation and I am anything but prepared. We have all the typical things to do to get ready PLUS prepare 4 children and it is way more stress than I would like. I am sure I will enjoy myself once we get there but the getting there is the hard part.

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  4. I really hope that in the end, your time away is rejuvenating and “just what the doctor ordered!” I often feel the way you’ve described before heading out on a vacation, and then as soon as I have a second in nature (especially with a drink in hand), all the pre and post vacation stress is worth it. The to-do list will always be there- a week at your wife’s cottage may not. Enjoy your vacay!!!

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  5. Callie and I are going away (about 3.5hrs from home) without the kids for my sisters bachelorette party weekend (yes, WEEKEND! So ridiculous!) and although we are leaving in 2 days, we have absolutely nothing ready! NOTHING! We aren’t packed, the kids arent packed to stay with their respective caregivers.. It’s just a damn hot mess! So i feel you on this “vacation does not equal relaxation” thing. Have fun though. A change of scenery is always nice, and besides, for me, the best part is always the road trip with my lady, listening to some tunes and reminiscing about all type of stuff…

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