FertilityFriend is confused by my cycle

I have had a confusing time of tracking this cycle. I was testing out the internet cheapie OPKs and they gave different readings than the expensive ones. Also, the longer I let the cheapies sit, the darker the line got. It went from a barely-there line at 5 minutes to a clear positive after 20 minutes. I got these delayed positives for 5 days, gave up and stopped testing, and didn’t get my temp surge for another few days. FertilityFriend changed my cross-hairs/ovulation prediction part way through what I assume was the luteal phase, and then when I deleted the confusing OPK results it changed it to a completely new predicted date. I will post the chart when the cycle is complete, but for now I remain confused and hoping for a long cycle (predicted ovulation day was around CD22).

I am starting to get excited for fall. My wife doesn’t like that I can’t seem to enjoy the present for long before looking forward to the next thing. Life milestones like marriage and babies are a prime example, and seasons are another. I love nurturing my garden along and I love being able to swim in the Bay, but I am already excited for sweater weather (and long pant and plaid scarf weather), for those cool rainy days that make me want to get cozy under a faux fur throw, for heirloom decorative gourds and corn, for warm soups and stews in the slow cooker, for jewel-toned leaves…

I should probably go outside and enjoy the warmth while it’s here though. I need one of those laptop sun visors so I can see what I am doing when I work outside on my deck…



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