Baby Making Update

Today is my first wide-open, proposal writing day in a long time. So, naturally, I am drawn to procrastinate. But hey, blogging, venting my thoughts, is a better use of precious stolen time than online shopping!

My last cycle finally finished after 34 days. I was a little concerned when I hadn’t had a temp spike by CD22, but then my body adjusted for an 11 day luteal phase. I think that is within reason, as an embryo shouldn’t take more than 10 days to implant…


The OPKs were not working for me this cycle. I got so frustrated by trying to compare internet cheapies with the expensive ones that I stopped testing well before I ovulated. I think this temp chart says it all, though. I don’t know if I will even bother with OPKs in the upcoming cycle.

We have had more discussion about when to start trying, and it is still a rollercoaster. Job concerns are the biggest factor now, as I think we are both emotionally ready (or rather, as ready as we’ll ever be). Our donor is also going through some family stuff right now and we don’t want to be a bother by asking for a bunch of deep conversations in which we formulate our donor agreement. So at this point we will let fate/convenience decide what happens in September…

We are also working through the emotions related to the non-gestational mother’s role in the whole thing. It is almost harder to swallow because our donor is such a great person. We want our future child to have the best chance at a great life and part of that is certainly providing them with the best genetics we could find, but we also want to downplay the importance of the donor’s role in our child’s creation. We are trying to look at conception less from a technical perspective where the sperm and my egg are the only aspects necessary for conception, leaving my wife completely out of the conception puzzle. Instead, we need to look at it from the emotional and social perspective where my wife and I are conceiving the idea of this child together, WE are growing OUR family, and we are borrowing some sperm as a small piece of the conception puzzle.


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