Mourning my lost wedding rings

I have been too busy and too sad to write an update since I have been back from vacation. Today I finally feel like I can write about what happened…

On the second day of my vacation I lost my wedding rings. I can’t recall if I lost them before, during, or after swimming in a really choppy Georgian Bay. The morning after they were lost, my wife ran out to buy a metal detector, and we spent the week tearing the cottage apart and sweeping the sand for a glint of diamond and gold. Between fits of crying, anger, and sheer frustration that they could just disappear and not be found, we tried to reassure each other with platitudes like “what really matters is that we are both healthy”, and “the rings were just a symbol of our love, and we have our love still”. It is melodramatic, but at the time, I wished I could have traded my health (or a limb, maybe) for the return of the rings. It surprises me that I could get so caught up in an object… I am usually an eternal optimist who would have expected the rings to turn up on their own, and who would have really and truly believed those platitudes. But this time, I cried like I had my heart broken over the misplacement of jewelry. I felt guilty for ruining our vacation, for losing something that cost my wife so much money, for not protecting the rings more carefully… and I felt fucking sad that I didn’t have them on my finger anymore. Wearing those rings was an expression of an extremely important part of my identity. Not to mention they were fucking gorgeous…

Now, we wait for them to either show up where we least expect it, or I allow myself to grieve and get over their loss. In loving memory…


5 thoughts on “Mourning my lost wedding rings

  1. I am so sorry!!! I know it’s not the same, but I lost one of my diamonds and I was devastated (thankfully the jeweler is a family friend and replaced it free of cost as under examination of the ring it was not my fault). I was really struck by how upset I was – I didn’t want a ring, the expense just didn’t seem worth it. The ring was more important to my husband then to me – I thought he was going to be upset. Instead, I was beyond devastated and he seemed almost indifferent (probably because I was more then enough upset for the both of us).


    • Thanks for the sympathy! My wife was upset, but she was able to put her anger aside because I was beating myself up enough for the both of us… That is great luck that the jeweler replaced the diamond! I am trying to convince my wife to see if insurance will cover it, but I don’t think she is ready to accept that it will never be found.


      • I think it’s worth a call to insurance, it wont hurt to know if there is potential for replacement from them. But, I can see why she is still hoping it will be found. I hope its found too.


  2. OHHHHH NOOOO!!!! How shitty!!! Friend, I sympathize with you like you have no idea. I lost my original wedding ring, and i was devastated for weeks! I spent lots of time crying, and weeks retracing all of my steps. It probably got lost in the move some time. I’m sad for you because they really do mean so much. Hope the insurance thing works out…

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