Anovulatory Cycle

Well, it’s a good thing we weren’t trying to inseminate this cycle… It appears as though I did not ovulate. Of course I googled the hell out of it, and apparently “normal”, “healthy”, otherwise fertile women can have, on average, one anovulatory cycle per year without cause for concern.

Here is the chart from this month.

Screenshot_2015-09-21-12-29-47 (2)

There were two separate times during the cycle that had fertile CM. I even got the tell-tale and reliable egg-white blob on CD23, but no consistently elevated temps and no crosshairs. Also of interest (to me), is that over the last two cycles I have had really, really bad chin acne. It has been like a giant sheet of infection under the skin along my entire jaw-line, coming up in waves of cysts. I haven’t had it like that in years. This is the hormonal acne that the RE said was a symptom of PCOS (but one symptom does not PCOS make). It felt almost comforting to see that the hormone imbalance displayed on my face was also reflected internally… it is comforting because I seem to have had a wave of extra androgen and testosterone, and now that my skin has literally cleared up completely overnight, I have high hopes for ovulation in my October cycle. Now my biggest worry is having my peak fertile period fall over Thanksgiving, and if that happens, how I will negotiate with family to leave the festivities for inseminations… We bought the fancy OPKs that give you a flashing smiley face when it is time to inseminate. No more confusing cheapies.

I am at school today, although I just want to be home in bed. I have a cold, am hopped up on Buckleys, and I got my period quite by surprise. But today is also the start of a new cycle that holds a lot of promise, so I can’t be too cranky.

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