One Year Anniversary Trip!

We went on our one year anniversary trip to Newfoundland this past weekend. It was such a nice getaway with lots of one-on-one time, coastal drives, restaurants, and local beer.

Now we are back to the daily grind, trying to keep our heads above water with work and school. I am on CD10, and I think I will start testing for my peak fertile period on CD13 (on Saturday). We had a lawyer friend look at our donor contract and – very belated – he sent us some suggested changes. We are meeting with our donor on Sunday to go over the changes to the contract, and we are now asking for him to be witnessed by a third party when he signs, so that might take some planning. I can’t believe we are actually down to the wire with this! All those months, and months, and months of planning and we are scrambling. The scrambling kind of makes it even more exciting though… feels like possible insemination is coming up fast!

In other news, my sister in law who was TTC for 2 years and went through two IUIs is now 3 months pregnant! Life is coming together.


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