TTC cycle #1, insemination 1!

I have decided to write this post in two parts. The first part written hours before our first insemination, and the second part after insemination.


I got my flashy smiley yesterday, and again today, on the clearblue OPK. High fertility! We scrambled last night to get the changes to our donor contract reviewed, and over lunch today one of our friends met us in a stairwell on campus to witness our donor’s signing (to ensure that he is signing of his own free will). It was all very rushed but insanely exciting. And it felt really nice to have yet another friend play a role in the process of building our family. It takes a village.

I spent the day trying really hard to not get excited, for self-preservation in case tonight’s plans fell through. Our donor’s wife has offered to be our sperm delivery-woman by driving it to our house as soon as it is produced. That saves us a good 15 minutes of sperm-out-of-body travel time.


Our friend arrived at the door with the sterile cup tucked under her shirt. There was an excited exchange, and she left us to it. It seemed like a small quantity of goods, but there were probably millions of sperm in there regardless of how it looked. We piled some pillows up on the bed for ideal butt elevation, put some pre-seed in the syringe followed by the genetic material, and did the deed! It felt cold on the inside. I wonder if it feels like that during natural insemination…

No part of me has accepted the idea that this could get us pregnant. It seems so unreal…

We will probably try again one more time over the next couple of days, when I get the solid smiley on the OPK. Fingers crossed!


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