Just in time


We inseminated one last time last night, and it felt like good timing because the fertile CM was like Niagara Falls. Yeah, TMI. This morning’s TWO opks confirmed it. Look at that beautifully dark reference line, and the brilliant solid smiley. Do I know my body, or do I know my body.
If we ever use those clearblue advanced tests again I will know to ignore the blinking smiley, because clearly it just reads my unusually long estrogen progression.
So ovulation will probably happen tonight or tomorrow, and as soon as we get the temp surge I will start counting down our first two week wait.
We are sort of playing this cycle off as a practice round because we had to get our bearings. Really it’s just a way to lower our expectations and reduce disappointment from a bfn.
Now we can head to the cottage for thanksgiving festivities without the nagging fear of annovulation in our minds.
Happy long weekend to my fellow Canadian bloggers!

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