Canadian Thanksgiving at the Cottage

It is 3 DPO today! My first Two Week Wait is so far not as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe this early on in the wait is easier because, even if a sperm had fertilized the egg, it wouldn’t have implanted yet anyway so there is no pregnancy to test for. When we get into 9, 10, 11 and 12 DPO I will probably be a lot more anxious. My wife seems to think we can wait until I miss my period to test… we shall see.wpid-20151011_191557.jpg We spent Thanksgiving at the cottage, and rounded off the weekend at my mom’s farm. We spent time cozy in front of the fire, cooking together, apple picking and harvesting from my mom’s massive garden, and trying to not talk about politics. Nobody asked me why I wasn’t drinking. So much for all the jokes that everyone would know when we started TTC because I wouldn’t be drinking for once in my life! It also probably helped that I had a glass of my wife’s growler of beer with each dinner. I figure that in the time before ovulation is confirmed it is still safe to have a glass of nutrient-rich micro-brewed beer…

The one thing about the TWW that has been hard so far is not being able to talk about it with my friends and family… We told my sister in law (because she shared her TTC journey with us), but we don’t want to tell others yet because it adds to the pressure when others are excitedly waiting for the pregnancy announcement. I have been SO thankful to have other bloggers who are in the same boat as us so I can vent and share and hear about what others are going through! It really helps!



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