Where is my egg now


Today is 5 dpo.
If this egg fertilized, a tiny blastocyst is formed today. It has completed the long journey down the fallopian tube to the uterus where it will hang around for 3 to 5 days more before it implants in my uterine wall. If it is not fertilized, the egg will flush out along with my uterine lining in approx 8 days.

My wife experienced some cold feet last night. It was an uncomfortable conversation, as I get more and more excited about the possibilities… but it suggests that at least one of us is very aware of what a big, life changing responsibility we have just set ourselves up for. I have always been the kind of person to jump into new things with both feet.

My parents had me right before they filed for bankruptcy and lost their farm (no, it wasn’t because of me that they went bankrupt). It was all OK in the end. I was still raised with love, health and happiness. I am getting my PhD and I know how to find happiness. Having money as a child didn’t affect that. All you need is love and enough resources (be it money, family support, etc.) to provide your child with a healthy home, healthy food, and yes, for the first couple of years, lots of diapers.

I hope that my wife is able to get excited again soon, or our test day is going to be awkward…


5 thoughts on “Where is my egg now

  1. I love that diagram. I always wonder where the (hopefully) fertilized egg is in there…

    As for cold feet – my wife got them too. But after a few unsuccessful tries, she really rallied for the challenge and is now a big supporter. Your wife will be thrilled when your BFP comes, even if the logistics and implications are intimidating!

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  2. There’s definitely no right time to have a kid! My partner wasn’t very enthusiastic about having a child, but for me it was incredibly important. That has led to some incredibly difficult discussions over the years, but those discussions have led to an awesome kid who we both love with all of our hearts.

    (On a sidenote, this is the loveliest article I’ve read about deciding whether or not to have children: http://therumpus.net/2011/04/dear-sugar-the-rumpus-advice-column-71-the-ghost-ship-that-didnt-carry-us/)


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