TTC cycle #1, 8dpo

8 dpo. God the days are ticking by slowly. I still haven’t tested. I’m trying to figure out the best way to be let down if we aren’t pregnant this cycle. Do I want to test early and often and have my hopes gradually diminish as the BFNs keep coming and the chance of false BFNs decreases? Or do I want to have one highly emotional day filled with wine and chocolate when I get my period? What if I am one of those people who gets bleeding while pregnant and I mistake that for my period and drink a bottle of wine to drown my sorrows? That could be dangerous. So I should probably test earlier 😉

I am thankful that I have a consistent 12 day luteal phase, so my two week wait isn’t quite 2 weeks.

I have also been imagining some symptoms. On 5 dpo I had a twinging pain in my uterus area, then today I had some strange, faint cramping. I have also been absolutely ravenous. Easily explainable as gas and being stuck in thanksgiving eating habits, but fun to explain as pregnancy symptoms.

My wife is also feeling better about everything again. I wonder if the tables will ever turn and I will feel cold feet one day… probably when I am 9 months pregnant and I change my mind about wanting to birth a baby.

7 thoughts on “TTC cycle #1, 8dpo

  1. Good luck surviving the rest of the wait! I’ll be crossing my fingers for you! My plan when we start trying is to have something fun planned each cycle near testing time with my wife… While I know it won’t erase the disappointment of a BFN in hoping it will at least give me something positive to look forward to and remind me of all the good things I do have. It’s easy to say when I haven’t had to go through it yet but I’ve heard it work for others… Either way, I wish you the best!

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    • That’s a good idea! I was thinking it would be nice to have a date night planned for the day we test so we have something to look forward to if it’s negative, and time set aside to celebrate and process it all if it’s positive.


  2. We drove out to the seaside with our dogs when we had our BFN and had a lovely long walk and ate fish and chips before coming home. Just what the doctor ordered (except. not, because the Dr ordered a baby!)

    I loved my little symptoms before we had our answer, it lets you dream. Keep each other close 🙂

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  3. From my experience, I like waiting for my period to show, because then the disappointment gives way to forward thinking – what am I going to do this cycle to help. Getting a negative test result on 11 or 12 dpo leaves me with a couple of really crummy days waiting for my period.

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