TTC Cycle #1, 11 dpo

I should not have gloated about how easy the two week wait was going so far… Now, at 11 dpo, I am obsessed. I could do an early test today with 97% accuracy (according to the instructions on the box). Testing is all that has been on my mind; but, I don’t really want to test. I’m scared to test. Right now IĀ might be pregnant. It is still a possibility. The second I test, I lose that possibility. It either is or it isn’t.

My period is due Friday or Saturday. If it doesn’t come by Saturday morning, we will test then. If it does come, I have the day all planned out to make myself feel better. We will go to Chapters and spend a $50 gift card on fall decor, we will get Starbucks and go for a walk together, and then at night we will go for sushi and I will drink a couple of martinis. It will be the perfect day.

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