It’s a good day in TTC Cycle 2

I am having a fabulous day so far.

This morning I started using OPKs again, and there was a medium strength test line. The trend I usually see is one day of faint line, one day of medium line, and the next day clear positive. I haven’t had long-lasting LH surges in the past, so I am excited that inseminations should be just around the corner! It is super early for me though, so I remain cautiously excited.

Today is also an awesome day because I finally let myself wear an Xmas sweater. It’s not overly Xmas-themed, but it gets the point across that I am excited for the holidays. Then I ate a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Delicious.

But the thing that really makes today so amazing is that I have my wedding rings back on my finger after losing them 3 months ago. I didn’t find them (pretty sure they are at the bottom of Georgian Bay), but after 2 long months of messing around with insurance, we got replacements covered. It still required about $1000 out of my wife’s pocket, but insurance paid the rest. The replacements are indistinguishable from the originals, which makes me super happy. I can’t stop staring at them as they twinkle away on my finger, where they belong for eternity.

1 thought on “It’s a good day in TTC Cycle 2

  1. I’m glad you were able to get your rings replaced! If I forget to put mine back on after my shower in the morning I feel lost the whole day without them, so I can’t even imagine! Here’s to positive vibes for cycle #2!

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