TTC Cycle 2 – insemination time!

It’s that time again! We did an insem last night (and part of me was paranoid that it was way too early again) and this morning I got a positive ovulation test using both ClearBlueAdvanced and FirstResponse. Yay! So we will do another insem tonight and that might be it!

In this cycle the CBA actually worked for me. Last cycle it gave me 6 days of flashing smilies before I got my peak fertility reading. This time, just as the box suggests, it gave me 2 days of flashing – indicating estrogen rise and body gearing up for ovulation – and then the solid – indicating the surge in luteinizing hormone that will cause my egg to burst out of the ovary. This cycle I actually had trouble with my old favourite brand, FR, because using first morning urine was giving me false positives. These things are so complicated…. It is way too expensive to continue using both brands but I just want clarity!!

This cycle I also tried out using Robitussin. The active ingredient, guaifenesen, thins your mucus in your lungs (for when you have a cold) and everywhere else… The goal is to make your cervical mucus easier for sperm to swim through and survive in. I had forgotten how vile cough syrup tastes… So horrible. I had Halloween candy next to me the second time I took it so I could quickly shove it in my mouth after the nasty syrup. Oh the things we do….

I will update again when we are officially in our two week wait!


9 thoughts on “TTC Cycle 2 – insemination time!

    • I looked for mucinex but couldn’t find it, except on amazon where it was a lot more expensive than what I got. Now I am regretting not just buying the more expensive pills online though….


  1. Hi there,
    I just found your blog. Look forward to following along! I’m in the middle of my tww on cycle 2, so we’re pretty much in the same place.
    Good luck! I hope this is it for both of us!


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