The 2nd two week wait

It is 3DPO today. My temperatures and ovulation tests did exactly what they were supposed to do, and ovulation was very easy to predict this time. We got 3 inseminations in: 2 days before ovulation, 1 day before ovulation, and on the day of ovulation. Research suggests that you can’t get any better timing than that. The quantity of “the goods” was also a big improvement from last time. I don’t know if our donor is drinking more water or just aiming better, but there is a notable difference!

All these promising factors aside, this time around I am trying to convince myself that I’m not pregnant. I had images in my mind of sharing our happy pregnancy news with family by showing them a 7 week ultrasound picture on Christmas morning. If I let myself keep daydreaming scenarios like that, the disappointment of a BFN would be intense. Last month when I updated my blog that cycle day 1 had come, I was feeling fine. The next day, I was not. I was still kidding myself that I could possibly have a surprise pregnancy after spotting for a day. But when I got the worst cramps I have ever gotten on cycle day 2, I was pretty distraught.

So I am going to try to keep my daydreams from running away with me this time. I would rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. I have lied to friends, telling them outright that we are not trying this month. That way no one else will expect me to be pregnant either.

All that being said, I think I still want to start taking pregnancy tests before my period is expected. It was definitely worse to get the news that I wasn’t pregnant while dealing with horrendous cramps and wild hormonal emotions.

7 days to go before I try to convince my wife to let me pee on a stick.


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