TTC cycle 2 – 7DPO

It is a big month for many of the bloggers and vloggers I follow! Some BFPs and some new babies (holy crap how cute is #babyrosa). It’s not a statistically sound theory, but I feel like my own chances are lower when there seems to be a high number of others getting pregnant and having babies. Like the quota has been met for this month. I am highly, highly pessimistic this time around. Not jealous, not jaded (how could I be after just 1 month), just pessimistic. I am also an all-or-nothing kind of a person, so I reason that it would either have worked on the first try, or it will work after 6 months or more. The cycles in between 1 and 5 are probably going to feel like just something we have to do to get to that 6 month mark, which is the point at which our fertility doctor will have us reassess our strategy. Absurd theory, I know. But it is how my mind works.

My wife also convinced me to put the thermometer away for the rest of the cycle. She made the right call… last cycle I obsessed over every little dip in temperature. I have been doing a lot less obsessing so far this try. At this moment she doesn’t want us to test early, but I am still working on convincing her to let us test on CD11, 2 days before my period is due. I want CD11 because it is a Sunday, so I won’t have to go to school after testing. I just want to see what it is like to test so I will know which let-down method I prefer for future cycles – testing or getting my period.

Congrats to the new pregnancies! You really had it coming after a long time of trying, and I am really excited to follow along on your journeys.



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