The Emotional Rollercoaster of the Two Week Wait

Here is the rollercoaster my imagination went on over this two week wait.

1 & 2 DPO: “This cycle is going to work.” Inseminations were perfectly timed, we tried new techniques, and ovulation was not late for the first time in several cycles.

3 & 4 DPO: “This cycle is not going to work.” I reminded myself that the odds of getting pregnant do not increase with each try, and that they are still as low as ever.

5 DPO: “I might be having symptoms!” I started having hot flashes, and chocked it up to progesterone that was surging due to pregnancy.

6 DPO: “I’m crazy. Nothing is implanting.” I couldn’t even imagine any symptoms.

7, 8 & 9 DPO: “Those are implantation cramps! It’s happening!” balanced with “I’m just looking for something to call a symptom. It’s all in my imagination.”    Off and on for 3 days I felt dull cramping like mild PMS and some pinching in my lower abdomen.

10 DPO: “I’m not pregnant. I feel nothing.”

11 DPO am: “The cramping I felt was implantation. Need to take a pregnancy test.” I was sure the test would be positive, and thought I was going to spend my Sunday excitedly planning for a baby. Took a pregnancy test, it was negative.
11DPO pm: “Definitely not pregnant. The early pregnancy test doesn’t lie.” I even partook in a beer tasting flight and ate raw tuna tacos.

12 DPO: “Definitely not pregnant… if I were pregnant, yesterday’s test would have shown it.” But my mind still wandered when I had more hot flashes, and when I was bloated in the afternoon. “…but maybe…” And I googled how many days past ovulation people’s BFNs changed to BFPs.

13 DPO: “Where’s AF? Is she late? Am I actually pregnant?” AF is NOT officially late. I usually get spotting on 13DPO followed by full fledged period over night.

*UPDATE: AF arrived. Looks like we are on to TTC Cycle 3. 



7 thoughts on “The Emotional Rollercoaster of the Two Week Wait

  1. Sooooo familiar. I rode that roller coaster many times! If it helps at all, the cycle that worked felt just like all the other cycles – no dramatic symptom or indication until 16/17DPO. So, stay positive until the end!! Then eat chocolate and saddle up for the next round.

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  2. This post! YES! This is exactly 100% how I feel! I had no idea that TTC and the TWW would be such a roller coaster. It’s such a relief to know that I’m not the only one.

    Today was one of my “no way I’m pregnant” days since I literally feel nothing. I’m 11 DPO so I’m not giving up hope (despite a BFN yesterday) that this third cycle TTC could be the one. Only time will tell (time that seems to go soooo slowly).

    Hang in there! Stay positive!

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