Gingerbread Houses with our Donor Family

We are getting closer to our third try. I got a high fertility reading on my ClearBlue Advanced ovulation monitor this morning, but my intuition says that ovulation won’t happen until the weekend.

I am a lot less worked up over things this month. I’m not concerned about getting enough water, I’m still indulging in alcohol and sugary deliciousness instead of trying to make my body into some temple of fertile purity…I’m just living my life, with fingers crossed behind my back.

We had our donor and his family over for dinner on Sunday and we all made gingerbread houses. Here’s a picture of my first and only gingerbread-making experience prior to this weekend, at about age 3:


And here are the houses my wife and I made as adults. We have lost all of the imagination and creativity of childhood, and strived for the most realistic looking houses we could make with the meagre building tools we had at our disposal. I also got very competitive, but luckily it is common practice to let the [actual] child in the room win, so it took some of my competitive edge off.

I am now on my Christmas break, officially. Still answering lots of student emails, a pile of marking is on its way, and I have 3 manuscripts to finish over the break. Not as much of a break as I had hoped, but it will sure feel nice to get some things on the back burner dealt with.

Next update will be about inseminations, round 3!

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