TTC Cycle 3: The Two Week Wait Commences

We did our first insemination on Thursday at 6pm, and I thought it would be good to use a SoftCup so I could get up and be productive for the rest of the evening. I tried putting it in after we had done the deed, and I think most of the goods ended up getting pushed underneath the SoftCup… when I got up, let’s just say it didn’t do its job holding anything in…

Second insem was Friday night, and third was this morning. Still no temp spike, but I had 2 days of positive OPKs Thursday and Friday, so I am sure ovulation is happening right now, like clockwork, CD19. After confirming an annovulatory cycle in September, though, I am always a little nervous that I won’t consistently ovulate every cycle.

Today we are going to a vintage and makers market to look for some Christmas gifts from local artists, and then we are going to Costco to look for some Christmas presents from a big box store. Good balance. We are also going out of town tonight to a stay at a friend’s house, so I will be packing my thermometer and hoping for a temp spike tomorrow morning.

5 thoughts on “TTC Cycle 3: The Two Week Wait Commences

  1. I know that women, on average, have at least one annovulatory cycle each year, so September was probably just your month and nothing to worry about. Sounds like your timing was great this time. I hope you have good news for Christmas!!

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