Pregnancy Update Week 6

Results from my first two betas are in: Monday’s was 15,000, and Wednesday’s was 29,500. The nurse said they were excellent numbers, and based on numbers alone, would date the embryo at between 6 and 7 weeks. It’s a fast grower! The first ultrasound is booked for January 20th, which is the day before our midwife appointment. Looks like we will have some overlap between the fertility doctor and the midwives… hopefully both parties will let it slide. Only a week and a half to wait!

We are going for a celebratory dinner with our donor and his wife tonight. I think I’d like to start referring to them as just friends again for a while. It was handy to refer to him as a donor when we were trying to conceive, but now his role is finished. I want my wife and I to be the only ones who are part of this pregnancy right now. Perhaps that’s selfish, considering what he gave, but I don’t think he would mind. So we are going for a celebratory dinner with our friends tonight.

I told someone on my board of directors that I’m pregnant. I was talking about plans to find a vice-chair to step in if I needed to leave the board unexpectedly, and he started to panic that I was planning to leave but wasn’t telling anyone. I felt that it was only fair to say that IF all goes well I will be having a baby in September and I will need someone to cover for me. I won’t be falling off the face of the planet, but I will need to drastically cut back my workload. He was super excited, but asked the question I really did not expect from a mature, respectful member of the LGBT community: “so who’s the dad?” Although I wanted to launch into a rant about how disrespectful and ignorant that question is, I kept my cool and just said “The DONOR is a friend. He won’t be a dad, because to us, that word connotes a parenting relationship.” I’m sure we will face more of these situations along the way, and I just have to remind myself that we are making the world a more understanding and respectful place, one learning opportunity at a time.

Bodily Experiences This Week

For most if this past week I felt like I had the flu: fatigue, achey, headache, constantly blowing my nose, runny eyes… It wasn’t bad, but I was really exhausted.

Yesterday the nausea started. I went from having a great appetite and wanting to eat everything to having my stomach turn at every food choice I could think of. I gagged on my prenatal vitamin. I haven’t barfed yet, but I get nervous to leave the house because I feel like it could happen at any time.

Yay!! I am honestly thrilled to be feeling nauseous. Morning sickness is associated with a 70% reduction in miscarriage risk.

Although the nausea is minimal and comes and goes, the food aversions are very real and very noticeable. Vegetables aren’t sitting right with me. My wife made me dinner last night because I had an evening meeting, and I felt terrible that I just couldn’t stomach it, and it was pizza and salad! Usually my absolute favourite! I am also finding myself wanting foods that I never particularly cared for before, like plain cereal for breakfast, and greek yogurt for lunch. I think it’s time to get some soda crackers in the house, just in case.

The pregnancy gingivitis went away after a few days of salt water rinses, and I have booked a dentist appointment.

My wife seems to have a symptom… she is getting vivid dreams. I wonder if there really could be some effect of hormones in the air, affecting her in some way. We are pretty sure that one of our cats has picked up on it, as he has been extra happy (read: not pooping outside the litterbox as much) and has begun spending a lot of time sitting near me, staring at me, and purring to his heart’s content. Maybe we are just crazy cat people for wondering if this is a thing…

Baby this week

I am now using 5 different pregnancy apps because I am ravenous for daily doses of information. The obsessiveness doesn’t go away after TTC… The baby this week is the size of a pea, and has doubled in size since last week. It is now growing a nose, eyes, ears, a chin, and cheeks. The heart is beating. The backbone and muscles are forming. Arms and legs have begun to show. Hair has begun to sprout. It is beginning to transform from a little embryonic tadpole into its future human self. Still could be easily mistaken for an embryo of any other mammal, though.

This is one of my favourite 6-week images from one of the many apps:


Looks a bit like a baby dinosaur to me, which makes it even cuter!

8 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 6

  1. First, yes, the sympathy symptoms are totally real. My hormones threw my wife’s cycle off-kilter. And she is having exaggerated symptoms at each point in her cycle – dramatic ovulation, worse PMS, more cramps. It’s odd, but interesting. Second, my 10 year-old dog TOTALLY knew something was up based on my smell/pheromones. He was glued to my side for days, even before we got the positive HPT. Clearly we are emitting some powerful stuff!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That makes me think, in hindsight… my wife’s period has always been super regular and it was due the week we conceived. It ended up coming over a week late… maybe that should have been our first pregnancy sign before we even tested!

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  2. You sound exactly like me at 6 weeks. I went from eating lots of veggies to just wanting cereal and bread all day long. I couldn’t eat salad again until week 12! I think we just all have to deal with the “dad” issue until everyone becomes a bit more educated about it. You handled it in a very classy manner though. And yes, my cat has been super affectionate with me since before we got the HPT. we must smell really differently to them. Animals are fascinating.

    Liked by 1 person

    • At least we are able to eat SOMETHING I guess! Glad your appetite went back to normal at 12 week. And I’m also happy to hear that others have had similar experiences with pets!

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