Pregnancy Update Week 7

We have always been advance planners. Our wedding was planned and ready to go months before the wedding date. Preparing for a child will be no different. This week, despite knowing full well that the risk of miscarriage is still quite real, we started researching strollers/car seats, and started cleaning out the office/guest room that will become baby’s room.

I have seen so many cute nicknames for in-utero babies, and I have been thinking for a while about what we could call ours. There are so many cute ones to choose from, like jelly bean (or anything bean-related), squishy, blast, gummy bear, sweet pea, etc. But I kind of feel like they are “taken” if I see them in use… this week when I was complaining about feeling like I had caught a flu bug, I remembered that my mom had referred to the baby as a “bug” of sorts before… well, a parasite, really. As a joke. Despite the negative connotations I’m painting here, I think bug is really cute. My little bug. We’ll see if it sticks.

Bodily Experiences This Week

Nausea got real, but isn’t daily. Early on in the week I felt super nauseous, to the point where I ran to the toilet a couple of times and prepared to throw up. The barf never came though… The nausea seems to be either a morning thing or a late at night thing, and lasts for a couple of hours. Eating a couple of soda crackers at the first sign of nausea seems to help. As the week progressed, though, the outright nausea dissipated into minor queasiness.

Food aversions and cravings. I have lots of aversions and general “nothing looks good” thoughts. Despite the long list of things I absolutely don’t want anywhere near my mouth, I have had a few cravings… Sushi (will settle for California rolls!), and liver and onions. These aren’t out of the blue – they are pre-pregnancy favourites, too.

Still exhausted. I got a bruise on my cheek bone from napping at my desk. I finally broke down and had a coffee one day this week and it was like magic…. Suddenly I felt alive again.

Vivid dreams, every night this week. I had my first baby dream since getting pregnant, and it was magical. I didn’t want to wake up. My wife and I were cuddling a beautiful brunette baby girl. My own hair was white-blond at birth, but our donor has dark hair, so you never know! It was so real and so wonderful…

Freezing cold. I have felt unusually cold for the last 2 weeks but I only just decided to look it up as a possible symptom because it was unrelenting, and because I am usually the overheated one in our house. Totally a symptom of those whacky hormones.

I’m showing!! Only when naked 😛 but it counts to me. My uterus is almost the size of a grapefruit, and what looked and felt like bloat last week is now a hard bump that cannot be sucked in. My pants are all uncomfortably tight, so I’ve been wearing leggings and sweater dresses every day.

Baby this week

Size of a (big) blueberry, at half an inch long from crown to rump. The umbilical cord is fully formed, and more organs like the spleen and pancreas have formed. It has hand and feet paddles that will separate into fingers and toes this week, and it has the beginnings of eyelids… It is remarkable how quickly a tiny human develops…
I have two favourite developmental tidbits for 7 weeks: touch and movement. The sense of touch is forming, and if the embryo were to be touched in the head/face area, it would now flinch away. Also by mid-week, the hands and feet will be able to be brought together, and the embryo will start kicking. Obviously I won’t feel the little blueberry, but it is wild to know that it really is coming to life.

*I’ve noticed that of the 5 apps and other informational websites I visit, whattoexpect is behind the others. It is the only source saying that the embryo is only .25″ and that the paddle hands and feet haven’t formed yet. I saw a video of a real 7 week embryo on the Endowment for Human Development website and it had tiny fingers and toes already. My favourite app is Ovia.



7 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 7

  1. I constantly feel like we are the same person! We are royal planners as well!!!! Bug is adorable!! So excited to share this! Haven’t had a chance for my 7 week update yet! So excited for your ultrasound!! Secretly hoping you are having twins too!!😉😉

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