Pregnancy Update Week 9

I think I might be coming out the other side of the nausea and fatigue this week. I had two rough mornings this past week where I felt gross (like I had the flu), but it passed and I felt great for the rest of the day. I still get the urge to nap about once a day, and I usually give in to my body. Now the naps are only lasting about an hour though, instead of 2 to 3 hours. I think that letting myself rest fully has probably helped minimize the morning sickness. I am ridiculously fortunate that I can get away with daily afternoon naps.

I received a save-the-date for a dear friend’s wedding. The wedding falls 3 weeks after my due date, and is 3-1/2 hours away. I am so torn about what to do… I want to go so badly, but is it irresponsible for me to take a newborn to a crowded place and put them in a car for so many hours? What do you think? Parents out there, could you have made the trip 3 weeks after birth?

Sometimes I forget I’m pregnant. I look at all of the baby products in my Instagram feed and feel a familiar sense of crazy – like I have no good reason for looking at baby products and planning a registry. Like I am jumping the gun. But wait, no, this time it is perfectly socially acceptable for me to create accounts at Burts Bees Baby and Honest Diapers, because there is an actual baby to plan for. Not that I am judging others who window shop (or real shop) for a baby before getting pregnant – I spent hours and hours putting baby clothes in online shopping carts, and even attended a baby show, before getting pregnant. Some of us are more impatient that others 😉

Bodily Experiences This Week
Minimal nausea, no more barfing.
Aching boobs – I think they’re going through another growth spurt.
Food aversions still… Mostly just want plain carbs and olives.
Vivid Dreams, all night, every night.

Baby this week
Size of a big juicey stuffed olive, at 1″ long. Seeing as I’m craving olives this week, I’m really looking forward to taking this week’s bump shot, with props.

This is a milestone week, because the embryo has become a full fledged fetus. It’s also month 3 of pregnancy.

Little bug’s neck has unfurled from the chest and the limbs and joints are formed, making it finally look human. It also has tiny earlobes, a nose and little nostrils, and inside its gums little teeth are beginning to form. Its bones are hardening, and all of its vital organs are either already functioning or developing.

Here’s a kind of creepy Skeletor image of a 9 week fetus.


11 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 9

  1. Glad the nausea and fatigue are starting to clear!

    I don’t think we could have managed a long car ride and a wedding at 3 weeks. J still looked so tiny and squished up in her car seat (and we were wrecks in the car), was nursing constantly, and we were such total zombies at that time that the driving alone would have been daunting. Not sure how typical our experience was, but it is hard to know ahead of time – I guess you could think about rsvp’ing and then cancelling if you can’t make it, if you’d feel okay about that?

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  2. We made a trip to see family that was 1.5 hrs away about 3 weeks after she was born, it was awful. She screamed the whole car ride there and back and nursing was difficult. Plus I hadn’t slept more than 1 hour at a stretch in weeks, so I was a mess. That being said, everyone is different and some women are still riding the hormone high and their babes are still sleeping a lot at that age.

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  3. Yup, I’d vote ‘no’ on the trip at 3 weeks post partum. Keep in mind, too, that if you go over your due date, that could be 1-2 weeks PP, in which case I was basically unable to do anything but blurrily watch TV with a newborn on my boob.

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