Maternity clothes recommendations?

My loosest pants are now held closed with a rubber band. How I have expanded this much in 9 and a half weeks is beyond me – all of my apps say it is too early to be showing. But I am. My belly is round and hard, too, not pudgy and squishy (like it was after Christmas for an entirely different reason). Maybe I have a super stretchy uterus. You’re welcome, little bug.

Last night my wife and I went to the mall to look for maternity pants. We checked Old Navy, and their maternity pants section was abysmal – they had a few pairs strewn about a single rack, and none in my size. Then we went to Thyme Maternity, and the cheapest jeans were $50 (too rich for my blood for such a short lifespan) and they fit funny. I had never tried on pants in S/M/L sizes before, and of course the small was too small and the medium was too big. I’m a size 6 or a size 29 depending on the store, and those sizes always ride the line between S and M on size comparison charts.

My preference was to find the pants at old navy or the gap because I have a gift card for that chain. But with no stock in store and no maternity line on, and a big price jump when you move up to Gap, I might just have to save that gift card for something else. Also, my local Walmart has one small rack devoted to maternity, and the pants they have on that rack are a mix of one or two sizes of yoga pants and one or two sizes of sweat pants. I may be cheap, but I have some fashion standards.

Does anyone have recommendations for where I should look for maternity pants? I’m nervous buying online because I want them to bring out the best in my butt, but if a pant is well rated online or can be easily returned, I am willing to risk it.



16 thoughts on “Maternity clothes recommendations?

  1. I got a bunch off It’s an online consignment shop, so you’d have to be ok with used. But everything I got was in perfect condition. They are very affordable, free returns, etc… It was the best bang for the buck I could find.

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    • Ahh darn, I just checked and only ships to U.S. addresses, and apparently they don’t have a Canadian version of the website yet.


      • Living in Canada you get used to checking first thing when you find a new online store – will they ship to my location… It’s not like we are some remote country up here, but whatever… 😉

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  2. I am just glad to hear you are showing too! I am living a hard and fast life of rubber bands and bella bands! I have had a hard time with stores too. Super limited quality. Motherhood had a good sale over the weekend so I got a few staples. One of my apps flat out said “It’s too soon for maternity clothes” welllllll clearly they haven’t seen my belly!!

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  3. I don’t have any personal experience to offer suggestions, but I know my cousin raved about Jessica Simpson maternity jeans. I think she got her’s from Motherhood. She said they were pricey but she ended up with a couple of pair and wore them almost every day because they were just so comfortable!

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    • Target came to Canada and soon after retreated back to the US. We had a local target for about a year, and it is closed now. Story of my life up here in Canada!
      Also, I agree that maternity pants look totally weird on the rack, but the ones I tried on last night felt sooo comfy. They sucked me in and fit like a glove. I think they will look less weird than the elastic through my button hole :p


  4. I agree, Gap is expensive online but (and I’m assuming you’re Canadian with the .ca) every day or two they have online promo codes where you can get an additional 30-40% off your order, and it almost always works on sale items, so it turns out to be pretty cheap. All but one of my maternity pants are from Old Navy, and the other from Thyme. I found that our Old Navy sucked for having stock too, but we just kept checking back and eventually they had more stock. Also, depending on where in Canada you are H & M has maternity clothes too. You can’t buy online with them either so that sucks. Oh and also, after exhausting all options since we live on Vancouver Island, I actually got fed up and just went down to the Value Village and was able to pick up some nice maternity tops and even a beautiful wool coat! maternity clothes are only worn for so long so they were all in amazing condition.

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  5. Here – all the high street brands do maternity – H&M, Topshop, New Look, River Island (listing those in case you have them too!) – I was planning on using, can you guys use that? I plan on living in dresses and leggings!

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    • I have some stuff in my cart on asos, just waiting to see if they have better sales… I also bought maternity leggings at H&M last night for only $15 and love them!


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