Pregnancy Update Week 11

We got a lot more of the future nursery cleaned out, and started patching and painting one of the tiny old closets in the room that we will be installing shelves in. Soon it will store baskets full of socks, hats, onesies, and whatever else.

Some family members have started to contact me on Facebook (private messages, luckily) to say congrats. We haven’t made a public announcement yet, so clearly my mom couldn’t keep it a secret. She probably told her sister who told her kids who told our other cousins… As long as people stick to the private messages we won’t have our announcing privileges taken away from us!

I have been stressed out over my dissertation proposal which I have been trying to get off the ground for almost a year already. But when I start to get stressed about work life, I remind myself of how life is about to change so drastically, and I look forward to little bug reminding me that work is NOT my biggest worry!

I think it’s time now to add a few more categories to my weekly updates, beyond symptoms and baby development.


  • Stroller. We know how early it is, but we don’t care! We had done our research and chosen our dream stroller, and then it went on sale with $200 off. I like to push it around the house with the cat in it.

Maternity Clothes

  • I got full panel maternity jeans, but they are still too big on me (but they are going to be so cute for spring!). While I’m in between regular and maternity sizes I have begrudgingly continued to use the rubber band trick, and wearing leggings when it’s not too cold (it’s -20C right now, so no leggings today!)
  • I didn’t think I would be wearing maternity shirts for a good long while, but today I decided that my belly was stretching my shirt too much and it was making me self conscious, so I popped on a maternity t-shirt over top. It looks a lot better because it frames the bump instead of trying and failing to disguise it.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Dizzy.
  • Minor queasiness.
  • Mild cramps, reminiscent of PMS, which I assume is my uterus stretching.
  • Aching boobs.
  • Food aversion to the smell of onions cooking – hits my gag reflex and completely destroys my appetite.
  • Food craving: Fuzzy peaches. I have bought three bags of them over the past three weeks and they are all gone… New Goal: break my sugar addiction.
  • I am SO READY to come off of the damn progesterone suppositories. I don’t know if it’s due to the meds or a pregnancy symptom, but… TMI warning… my vagina has been really sensitive lately, like it’s raw and tight, so putting the progesterone in is getting uncomfortable. And I have three capsules to put in each night. It also makes sex uncomfortable. 10 more days until I am completely off of the drug and I can’t friggin’ wait.

Baby this week

  • Baby can now smell, although I can’t imagine how it could smell in a liquid environment. It is also breathing – inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, which helps the lungs develop their capacity. Curiosities of the natural world…
  • Started swallowing last week, and can now stick out its tongue.
  • Hair follicles are developing all over the body
  • Whole body is now sensitive to touch.
  • Skin is becoming thicker and less transparent (but is still transparent enough to see the fluid inside the neck – key to the nuchal translucency screening test).
  • Oh, and baby is the size of a lime, which is astounding to me.



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