Pregnancy Update Week 12

I am so excited to have made it to 12 weeks, but I will feel even better at 12 weeks 3 days when we have our next ultrasound. At our second midwife appointment yesterday they couldn’t find the heartbeat. I know that it is totally normal to not be able to hear it yet, but I still felt sad leaving that appointment. Reassuringly, though, my uterus is the right size and position for 12 weeks, so something in there has been making it grow.

Baby Names

I have contemplated long and hard whether or not I wanted to discuss baby names in the blog. I have decided that I do, because I will look back on this as a source of memories and baby name brainstorming is a memory that would be cool to keep. So here we go:

My wife and I picked a name for a future daughter years before we started seriously talking about having a kid. We loved Addison May. Over the years we didn’t waver at all from this name. And then suddenly, a new name washed over us and completely replaced our long-time passion for Addison. While at dinner with friends this past week, our friend Andy joked about us naming our kid after him. Although not intentionally naming after our friend, we both immediately became obsessed with the name Andy (or Andie) for a girl. Still with the middle name May, after my wife’s late mother’s birth month. So that’s where we stand now on the girl front.

As for naming a future boy, we are much more torn. My wife really wants the name Grayson because it brings in my last name (our kid will have my wife’s last name because it will have my genetics). While I think the name is really cute, and I appreciate the sentiment, it just doesn’t sound like my future son’s name. I can’t explain it any better than that – it’s just a feeling. So far our next best contenders are Charlie, Sawyer, Oliver, and Riley.  And just to add one more to the mix, my wife woke me up in the middle of the night last night to tell me she liked the name Avery for a boy or a girl.


We haven’t purchased anything for our own baby this week, but we shopped our hearts out this week for my sister in law. We are throwing her baby shower in two weeks, so we bought all the decorations, game supplies, favours, and gifts this past weekend. Even though we didn’t buy stuff for ourselves when we were shopping, we made plenty of mental notes for our own registry (which, who are we kidding, is already meticulously planned out in an excel file…).

Hand-me-downs: we received a mountain of clothes and baby items from a friend. Dozens of onesies, bag of socks, shoes, snow suit, sweaters, polos, and more. We also received two winter car seat covers, a bassinet, a second baby bouncer, a wipe warmer, and more. I am working on washing everything and putting it in rubbermaid bins until we have our nursery closets set up. At this rate, we aren’t going to need to buy anything at all…



Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Barfed again.
  • Headaches.
  • Dizzy.
  • Extra saliva and mucous (blowing my nose all day every day). To give an example of the extremeness of this symptom, from the moment I sat down to start writing this I have accumulated 13 dirty tissues next to me.
  • Fatigue came back with a vengeance this week – I felt like a zombie dragging my feet around the house, and gave in to a 3 hour nap on Saturday and two, hour long naps on Sunday. My wife and the cats napped with me because laziness is contagious. It was awesome.
  • Blurry vision. I have always had perfect vision, so this is a bit of weird sensation. It’s kind of like my eyeballs are just exhausted and can’t be forced to focus anymore. It’s not constant, but I definitely notice it after a day at the computer.
  • Emotional/sad. I will write more about this in a separate post when I’ve had more time to process.

Baby this week

  • Since swallowing started recently, and the kidneys just started functioning, little bug is now peeing inside me. It’s just basically a continuous cycle of amniotic fluid though, from what I understand.
  • Little bug has reflexes all over their body – fingers and toes are curling, eye muscles are squinting (although eyelids remain closed at all times), sucking reflexes starting
  • Vocal chords are developing, getting ready to start making those piercing screams in 7 months.



8 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 12

  1. at our 12 week appointment our doctor said he was going to try to find the heartbeat but to not be concerned if he couldn’t, and he said most likely he wouldn’t find it. He did manage to find it, but he was very very surprised!

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