Felt Movement?!

I know how ridiculous this must sound to anyone who has experienced or read about feeling your baby move, but I truly believe I felt movement last night. I was only 12 weeks 2 days, and they say first time moms don’t feel it until 16 weeks at the earliest. Apparently most early movement is mistaken for gas bubbles, and/or actual gas bubbles are often mistaken for early movement. But I am very familiar with the sensations of gas. I don’t digest dairy well.

I was laying in bed at night, on my side, and I felt a faint little tapping coming from right where the midwife said my uterus was. It wasn’t rhythmic, but it did continue for a few minutes. It really felt like something in there was shifting around – although for me to feel it it must have been doing more than a little shifting. Technically it should be kicking up a storm in there at this stage with full mobility in its arms and legs.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I choose to believe that I felt little bug moving for the first time this week.

5 thoughts on “Felt Movement?!

  1. sounds just like the first sensations/movements i felt with this little bean (@ 14wks & this is my second). I think that whole “first time moms don’t feel it until X weeks” is necessarily true either. sounds to me like your little one was making themselves known!! a strong little hello much earlier than anticipated – how exciting!!

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  2. Its possible, but keep in mind the physics of it all (ie: a tiny thing, weighing in at only a few ounces, in water.) In any case, I think you’ll know for yourself in a few weeks when you are SURE you’re feeling movement! That’s how it was for me!

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