Pregnancy update week 13

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We made our announcement on social media. Our closer friends and family had been told in person, but social media made it easy to ensure that the word had been spread to more distant family members and to the friends we see less often. And let’s be honest – it felt pretty good to watch those “likes” and well wishes come flooding in.

Our 12 week ultrasound picture is absolutely adorable. My mom thinks the face looks like a girl, and I do too, actually. I don’t respond to any guesses of the sex because I don’t want to encourage the prying questions and increasingly aggressive assertions as we withhold the information right up until the baby can announce its own sex at birth. That said, I do enjoy my own personal guessing game.

The ultrasound went really well, little bug cooperated with the technician, and we were out of there in 20 minutes. And I got to keep my pants on! When the tech showed me the live video feed, I shed a few tears. I didn’t think I would get emotional in front of a stranger, but little bug was just so f’ing cute!! It lifted up an arm and turned to the side, which made it look like it was getting snuggled into a comfy position. The little head already looked kissable. Unfortunately my wife couldn’t attend this one because she couldn’t get out of work… we were both really upset about it, especially because the live video feed was so crystal clear and animated, compared to the slightly blurry printed photo that I got to bring home as a souvenir.

The other part of the screening test, in addition to the ultrasound, was blood letting (#jokingnotjoking). I took my pile of requisitions from the midwife and the fertility doctor with me to get all birds with one stone, and  they took 6 vials. It didn’t even phase me. I have definitely gotten over my fear of needles through this process of getting pregnant.

Milestone Moment

  • first “pants on” ultrasound.
  • Drug-free pregnancy – now completely off the progesterone, as the fully developed placenta should be meeting supply demands.

Maternity Clothes

  • Old Navy finally had my size jeans in stock! They only had one pair and it had mud on the leg, but they were only $20. I bought dark wash skinny jeans with a half panel which may not fit for the duration of the pregnancy, but are just what I needed to get me through the barely showing stage. And honestly, I look forward to sneakily wearing these jeans long after pregnancy… all pants should have a stretchy waistband.
  • Maternity shirts are a must now. Although I still technically fit in my pre-pregnancy shirts, they stretch in funny places and do not flatter the bulge.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • I’m feeling back to my old self this week! I have been active all day without needing to nap, and I have been running from one task to the next rather than struggling at one simple task all day. I am even getting some of my motivation back to get school work done.
  • Sore hips

Baby this week

  • size of a peach (3″), weighs about 1oz
  • fingerprints have formed
  • the head is no longer the largest proportion of the body, now at just 1/3 of the overall body size.
  • The intestines formed inside the umbilical cord because of lack of room in the tiny abdomen, and are now migrating to their permanent placement inside the abdomen.
  • hairy baby! Lanugo, a fine layer of hair covering the entire body, is starting to grow to keep baby warm until it starts putting on fat. My little Ewok.

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