Pregnancy update week 14: Second Trimester

We are now in the second trimester! I am really having trouble believing it…

On Monday my wife will be leaving for a 2 week business trip to Italy. It has been about a year since she had to travel for work, and I am not looking forward to the exacerbated feeling of missing her. Pregnancy will definitely make the emotions stronger. It is also really crazy to think that I will be 16 weeks pregnant when she gets home. It seems like a really big jump forward in time. She made one of her super healthy, veggie packed lasagnas so I would have healthy dinners to eat while she is gone if I don’t feel like cooking. She takes such good care of me.

My wife has been bonding with little bug every night. Sometimes she pokes it and tells it to stop giving me headaches, and most nights she will put her hand on the bump and repeat “blue eyes”, hoping that her words will have some magical exogenetic-esque effect on the baby’s eye colour.

Recap of the first trimester

  • Gained 1 pound.
  • Bump popped (became noticeable to outsiders) at 12 weeks.
  • Only barfed twice.
  • Worst symptom was extreme fatigue.
  • Best symptom was boob growth.
  • Had 2 ultrasounds.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Hungry! All the time! My stomach starts grumbling an hour after I finish eating.
  • Energy levels have majorly increased (although I still allow myself a rejuvenating nap every now and then).
  • Headaches. Almost daily now, and some feel like migraines. Not a fan.
  • Moody/angry. I have even been snapping at people in my dreams.
  • Vivid dreams.
  • Leg cramps when I stretch.
  • Hips hurt. I spent 6 hours cleaning the house today (it was really gross) and now I can’t stand up straight without nasty pain in my hips. Any amount of exercise just makes my hips sore right now.

Baby this week

  • Size of a lemon at 3.5″ and 1.5oz
  • Sucking it’s thumb
  • Little bug is developing its own immune system, now that mine has gotten used to it living inside me.
  • Little bug is doubling in weight every week now.



3 thoughts on “Pregnancy update week 14: Second Trimester

  1. I’ve been taking calcium and magnesium and my leg cramps and muscle twitches have gone away almost completely! Just an idea 🙂 (Also I’m totally with you on the hip pain. I feel like my pelvis is falling apart. I’m a little worried about this trimester if I’m already feeling this way!)

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