Pregnancy Update Week 17

Newborns stress me out. As I wrote in another post, my sister-in-law had her baby this week. She was kept in the hospital for a couple of days because of post-partum complications, and I went to her house to help get some things ready. One task was to take tags off of a bunch of clothes and wash them. I washed them 3 times… The first time I used a drier sheet before learning that you shouldn’t use drier sheets on baby clothes. I also panicked when I took the clothes out of the drier because I thought I had shrunk them all. I had a fit of stress and guilt and thought I had just ruined all of their baby clothes. Then I realized that baby clothes are supposed to be that small. After washing a second time to get rid of the drier sheet chemicals, I thought I could still smell fragrance from the drier sheet. So I washed them again, and then discovered that it was my sister-in-law’s baby laundry soap that put off the fragrance. I was washing the same fucking baby clothes until 1:30am.
My wife was just as crazy. We had a big ice storm the night before the baby was discharged from hospital, and my wife chipped every last piece of ice off of their 4 car driveway. She was out there with a spade for hours hacking away at it in the freezing rain. It was the most impeccable looking driveway in the whole neighbourhood. And then she salted the bare asphalt as a preventative measure. I hope some of this terror and panic wears off by the time we have our baby…

In other news, 2.5 weeks until we find out the sex.


  • A few weeks ago a friend gave me her Snoogle pregnancy body pillow. I think I am going to try using it soon, so I bought a new pillow case for it (something about a used pillow without a case makes me not want to snuggle my face into it).

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Healthy nails. I have always had thin nails that rip and peel terribly, and I’m a nail biter to make matters worse. I’ve noticed lately that I can’t bite them anymore… they are so strong that it actually hurts my teeth! (sorry if this is gross).
  • Congested and bloody nose
  • Exhausted from simple tasks. The first trimester had me exhausted without even lifting a finger, but now I feel like i have the energy to do tasks like house cleaning and yard work. However, I have about half an hour to an hour of energy in me before I crap out. I get out of breath really fast, feel like I am just getting over a flu, and pushing it leads to headaches.
  • Emotional wreck. I don’t know if it was all triggered by my sister-in-law’s labour and delivery or if it is just a poorly timed hormonal disturbance, but I have been entirely depressive all week. Not sleeping, crying uncontrollably many, many times a day, no appetite… This better go away by next week.

Baby This Week

  • Size of a Spanish onion (still around 5″ in length from crown to rump). Little bug’s growth is happening more in the weight department now, weighing 5.9oz.
  • Putting meat on its bones (bones that continue to harden).
  • Developing coordination, and may be sucking its thumb.

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