Pregnancy Update Week 18

My emotions have been back in check this week. The wreck that I was last week must have been brought on by the birth of my nephew, and now that mother, father and baby are finally starting to find a routine and are a little less frazzled and terrified, I too am less frazzled and terrified. I have fallen in love with the little guy and can’t wait to spend summer weekends at the cottage cuddling with him and watching him experience everything.

With my emotions being back in check, and most of the other symptoms at bay as well, I have been struggling to believe that there is really a 5.5″ long (not including legs) baby inside me. I have a bump, but when I hold up the weekly vegetable comparisons to photograph, there seems to be no room for baby, placenta, and fluid as long as all my organs are still in there too. And if a baby that size was really in there, I would expect to be feeling it more often and clearly. I only feel a flutter about once a week, and it’s only when I am laying still and paying attention.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Pregnancy glow. I know many people never get this, but my skin is finally changing from acne-ridden, dry and flakey to clear and moisturized with a healthy colour. This is a pregnancy symptom I always dreamed of having… However, a seemingly conflicting symptom is:
  • Dandruff. Never had it before in my life and now all the Head & Shoulders in the world won’t enable me to wear a black shirt. This is probably not an actual pregnancy symptom, but if it’s not, it is highly coincidental that my first experience with it in 29 years is happening right now.
  • Round ligament pain. I’m glad the midwife (and my apps) warned me that this might be coming, or I may have been concerned by the intense twinges going on down there…
  • Constipation (I am now on a daily preventative laxative medication called lactulose)
  • Hot. I have been unusually cold for the past 18 weeks, and suddenly now I am toasty warm in a tank top and bare feet, even in our frigid old house. My wife is already complaining about how my body turns the bed into an oven. I had to take my shoes off in a meeting yesterday to cool myself down.
  • Cravings: Chocolate cake and lemons.
  • Can’t-freaking-wait nervous excitement for our anatomy scan in a week and a half

Baby This Week

  • Size of a sweet potato at 5.5″ long, weighing a whopping 7oz! That’s almost half a pound!
  • Eyelashes are forming
  • Developing myelin sheath around nerve cells. This will give nerves a boost in their development, as connections are made in the brain. As little bug smells things, sees light, feels touch, and hears my voice, the brain develops to catalogue those senses.
  • Meconium (little bug’s first poop) is beginning to accumulate in its bowels.
  • External genitalia is easily visible now via ultrasound (which makes it all the more frustrating that we have another week and a half to wait to see!)



4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 18

  1. I am also really glad to hear you say you only feel like one flutter a week. I am actually not sure I have felt any movement yet at all. We have our anatomy scan monday so I will ask more then. She acted like at 17 weeks with twins I should feel SOMETHING….I am pretty sure I have only felt gas lol

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  2. I didn’t feel a while lot of movement at that point either. Now at 27 weeks I get worried if I don’t feel her bopping around at her usual times (between 5-6:30 am and at night when I lay down in bed). Don’t worry, it’s coming! 😀 So exciting about the scan coming up, good luck with the wait. Not *quite* as bad as the two week wait but pins and needles nonetheless!

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