Pregnancy update week 20

We have reached the halfway point! A lot has happened this week in pregnancy-related news, but despite all the appointments and tasks we have done, I feel like we are no further along than last week.

The Cliffhanger 20 Week Ultrasound

This week we had our anatomy scan, and it did not go as planned! I was expecting a romanticized extended viewing of baby for both my wife and I, with only an external ultrasound so I could keep my clothes on. But it turned out that my wife was only allowed in at the very end, and we could only see the baby for a couple of minutes. I also had to strip down for an internal ultrasound, which I thought we would be done with by this far along in the pregnancy. In addition to those surprises, baby was very uncooperative. I mean VERY uncooperative. The ultrasound tech tried for 2 hours to get it to wake up and move out of its curled up position deep in my pelvis. She had me roll from side to side, go pee 3 times, do squats, and eat a bowl of candy. She essentially punched me in the stomach repeatedly, trying to shake baby awake, and tried using the internal ultrasound wand to poke it in the bum. My wife sat in the waiting room for an hour and 45 minutes not knowing what was taking so long, getting more and more worried with each passing minute. The clinic closed and she was the only one left in the waiting room. Finally, the tech gave up. The radiologist requested a follow-up in 4 weeks (AKA eternity) so they can get the rest of the pictures. However that 4 weeks from the initial appointment is already down to 3 weeks from today.

One of the images we couldn’t capture of baby was its genitals, so we still don’t know the sex with any certainty. Although, the tech did tell us what she thought she saw. I figure she must have been pretty certain if she was willing to tell us, but until we get confirmation, we can’t start calling the baby by name. We still bought a celebratory outfit* (my wife and I each bought one, actually), and since our tastes are gender neutral I can show the outfits without giving away our suspicions.


Before we went for the ultrasound we had a friend over and tried out some old wive’s tale gender prediction tests. The results were slightly in favour of boy – but we all know those tests are hogwash 😉 We have decided to reveal the sex to our loved ones before the baby is born, but we are currently trying to devise the least gender-stereoptyped way to do so while still making a fun reveal out of it. Once we have the sex confirmed and figure out the plan for a reveal, I will reveal the sex to the blog.

One thing we did learn from the ultrasound was that I have a low lying placenta. Apparently a placenta that is high enough is 3cm away from the cervix, and mine is 2.09cm away from the cervix. Not placenta previa, but will require a follow up ultrasound at 28 or 30 weeks.

We also had our 20 week midwife appointment this week. The midwives don’t want me to worry about the low lying placenta, and said that 90% of these cases resolve themselves. And even if it just moves up one cm, it won’t be considered a risk factor requiring a hospital birth; however she did warn that lower placentas usually come with more bleeding post partum… so, buy bigger adult diapers I guess? Little bug was hiding from the fetal doppler, and the midwife said it felt like it was tucked into a little ball deep in my pelvis, despite having a huge uterus to swim around in. Apparently that is its favourite place to hang out. My uterus is now slightly higher than my belly button.

Preparations for baby

  • Made an Ikea trip on the weekend and bought a shoe cabinet and a cabinet for the kitchen. This is baby prep because we need more room to put the crap we already have in order to make room for baby stuff. That’s the kind of baby expense you don’t often hear about…
  • Signed up for a hypnobirthing class which starts in two weeks and runs for five weeks.
  • Found a family doctor to take us when we are a family of three (thanks to a fellow blogger for recommending the clinic!)
  • Started a registry in-store and got lots of freebies in the welcome package

Milestone Moments 

  • Got an ultrasound tech’s guess of the baby’s sex
  • Felt baby kick on the outside
  • Being halfway through the pregnancy is a milestone in itself!

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Hip pain and leg cramps keep waking me up through the night. My Snoogle pregnancy pillow is unfortunately not substantial enough on its own anymore, so I make it into a giant doughnut with my hip in the centre, and then I have to make a stack of pillows for my head so I am at the same height as the doughnut pillow. This alleviates a lot of the hip pain, but I can’t reach my wife from on top of my pillow fortress.
  • Vivid dreams also wake me up through the night, and it really sucks when I can’t reach my wife for comforting snuggles when the dreams are stressful.
  • Eyes are bigger than my stomach. I think my stomach must be compacted in there now because if my meals are a generous portion I can’t finish them. This has led to a lot of tiny containers of assorted leftovers in the fridge.
  • Sinuses have been consistently congested since the first trimester, but now it is mostly just in the mornings that I need a wad of kleenexes in order to breath through my nose. Now, I just have a slight runny nose for the rest of the day.
  • Movement: I think I could feel the details of a somersault movement the other day, and I have been feeling lots of movement every day this week, most days more than once. I actually googled “how often should baby sleep in the womb” because I was worried that the baby wasn’t getting enough sleep. Sounds really silly when I write it out, but it just seemed so active this week! Until of course we got to the ultrasound appointment… The stronger movements are now noticeable on the outside – now we just have to get the timing right so my wife can feel.
  • Weight gain: 4.5 pounds in total this pregnancy

Baby this week

  • 6.5″ and 10 oz – about the size of a cantaloupe! Our first melon comparison! As this is the week we transition to measuring from “crown to rump” to “head to toe”, baby is 10″ from head to toe, about the size of a Belgian Endive.
  • If little bug is going to be born with hair on its head (it has hairy genes, so I expect so), that hair is growing now.
  • Baby’s lips are plumping up

And I leave you with these adorable pictures of little bug’s face and tiny feet that I can’t wait to kiss and tickle.


*I sincerely hope that the patterns on these outfits will not offend anyone. I understand that the teepees mixed with the arrowheads might reflect a stereotype of First Nations peoples being “wild”. Let it be known that I have immense respect and empathy for First Nations communities in North America, and I will teach our child this same respect.


11 thoughts on “Pregnancy update week 20

  1. We were really disappointed in that aspect of our anatomy scan (with Bingo) too: no partner allowed until the very, very end. Even that was a rushed overview where they announced Bingo’s sex in the middle of a sentence.

    re: the reveal, I say use penis/vulva shaped candies from an adult store. Delicious!

    Also, did you get the Facebook group invite I sent you earlier in the week? Join!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Love that idea for a reveal! I received the invite but when I clicked on it it said “cannot add member. Member already joined.” But I don’t see it in my list of groups. Technology….. Maybe you could try reinviting? Thanks!


      • Ugh, I don’t think Facebook is letting me add people via e-mail. I’ve added you as a Facebook friend (bye, anonymity!) and if you add me as a friend I can add you to the group. It’s kind of stale though, as over half the people who want to join were added by e-mail.

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  2. UGHHHH I hate that that was your experience!!! Seems insane. I mean God forbid something be wrong….you wouldn’t have had your wife there! I am so upset for you!! 2 hour ultrasounds should be the best thing ever. And now 4 more weeks?! I was going insane over having to wait 5 weeks from our scan but I at least left with all the info I needed. Hoping it goes well for you. Do you have any places around that do ultrasounds and gender reveals? I would totally be going! We found out at 15 weeks and I didn’t think I would make it ! You are my hero!! Happy 20 weeks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • We need a doctor’s requisition to get an ultrasound, or we would have to pay at a private clinic. If I had lots of extra cash laying around I would definitely be getting myself an elective ultrasound right now! But alas, too expensive.

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