Pregnancy Update Week 23

It is a beautiful day (21 degrees C and sunny!) and I just got back from a successful ultrasound and maternity clothes buying outing. I am going to go do my work for the afternoon out on the deck – sunscreen first though. I have burned both times I was out in the sun this spring. Most annoying pregnancy side effect.

Anatomy Scan: Take 2


Little bug was cooperative and we got all the images we needed in about 15 minutes. I think it helped that I downed a big booster juice right before the appointment. So this means

we know the sex!!

I would be more excited, but I was kind of disappointed by the way I had to find out. My wife couldn’t make it to the appointment today, so I planned to have the technician write the sex down on paper and I wouldn’t look at it until my wife and I were together at the end of the day. But apparently ultrasound techs can’t write the sex down anymore… So I found out without my wife there. I called her and told her as soon as I got out of there though, and we are going to giddily daydream about our little gendered baby (and name them!) when we are both home together tonight. We are also going to plan how we will announce the sex to the world.

We didn’t get any good pictures this time (just one of the spine and the above blurry face shot that I find hard to make out), but on the live feed little bug looked so chubby and round! Chubby little arms, chubby little cheeks. So cute. You can see in the picture the top of the head on the right and the little fist under the chin on the left.

I have to wait until the next midwife appointment to be updated on my low-lying placenta.  I asked the technician if she could tell me any of the measurements she was getting, but alas, that is forbidden as well. Those ultrasound techs are really on a short leash.

Milestone Moment

  • Finding out the sex

Preparations for Baby

  • Hypnobirthing. Still going well. I have been practicing the 30 minute relaxation exercise daily, which involves listening to a recording that has me visualize the colours of the rainbow and connect those colours to the body. At first I was agitated and lost in my thoughts for the whole 30 minute exercise, but now I usually fall asleep during it. I have been really stressed lately with running the not for profit and meeting tight school deadlines, so having this relaxation exercise is really good for the baby and I. The goal is to be able to visualize my favourite “birthing colour” during labor, and immediately go into this super relaxed state. I also have a daily task of listening to or reading aloud a list of positive birthing affirmations. The affirmations are supposed to have an unconscious effect on the body. When you repeat things like “My baby is moving down through healthy, pink tissue,” and “My cervix opens to allow my baby to smoothly pass through,” it is supposed to eventually  have a physiological effect and actually help make those things happen.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Hip pain. Walking, although it provides me with much needed light exercise, has become a recipe for guaranteed pain. I almost invested in some really good, comfy shoes from Walking On A Cloud to replace my collection of worn, Payless slip-ons that have zero arch support or cushioning, but I didn’t because my feet seem to be getting a little longer and I don’t want to outgrow an expensive, brand new pair of shoes. Just gonna suck it up for now, and take lots of breaks between physical activity.
  • Body is growing faster. Even my maternity shirts are getting too short, and my shoes are getting tight. I bought a maternity sun dress this week because the weather is finally starting to improve.
  • Silent/ocular migraines. They don’t hurt, but I get flashing lights in my eyes that prevent me from reading… which is a problem when reading is the extent of my daily tasks these days.
  • Leg and foot cramps. They wake me up in the middle of the night, and they strike if I wear shoes that are too tight (which is becoming a problem as my feet seem to grow).

Baby This Week

  • Still between 10.5 and 11.8″ long, and weighing somewhere around 20 oz. Still about the size of a mid-sized papaya (I looked this up because I had never seen a foot long papaya – apparently they range from 6 to 18″ long)*
  • Little bug is forming nipples
  • Not much else is new… still working on grip and development of motor skills, brain is still fine tuning nerve receptors, and fat is still accumulating under the wrinkly skin.

*A note on fruit & veg size comparisons: First trimester growth is precise, but second and third trimester babies grow at all different rates and ultimately grow to be different lengths and weights. Baby stops growing so rapidly in length now, too, as it switches gears to put on more weight. Both of these factors mean that the fruit size comparisons are increasingly less  consistent between apps. I have seen papaya compared at 22 weeks, 23 weeks, and even 32 weeks. Eggplant has been compared at 24 weeks, 25 weeks, 26 weeks, and 28 weeks. Cauliflower is even less consistent. So I am choosing my fruit and veg comparisons based on what I can find in the store that is roughly the size I am looking for.


3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 23

  1. Glad things are going well and that you were able to find out the sex (even if it didn’t quite go as planned).
    I’ve always found the food comparison thing both cool and a little odd – I mean, fruit and veggie size varies a lot (think local blueberries vs. imported ones!), does everyone have a static idea of what size a particular food item should be?
    Also, I like that you say ‘bodily experiences’ rather than ‘symptoms’ – I know pregnancy can be really hard physically, but I think it is nice to frame it as an experience rather than a disease process.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes I purposefully went back and changed “symptoms” to “bodily experiences” as I started learning about hypnobirthing. They change the language to make it more natural and less medical, like contractions are called surges, and dilation and effacement is called opening and softening.

      Liked by 1 person

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