Pregnancy Update Week 25

A Shout-Out to My Wife

The last couple of weeks have been a bit stressful with family stuff and work stuff. My wife has been amazing. She has been so supportive of me, defending my honour when family drama stresses me out, telling me to relax and telling me that I deserve to be taken care of.  She has been very serious about me practicing the relaxation techniques every evening, and has been practicing her own script to put me into a super relaxed state. I feel so lucky to be experiencing this pregnancy with her by my side. Also, I feel extra lucky to be with a same-sex partner at this time of life. Today, one of my pregnancy apps mentioned the importance of a good birth partner. The app actually recommended a close female friend or a doula instead of a husband, because “studies indicate that a woman may do the job better.” That’s right, being gay has once again put me at an advantage 😉

Preparations for Baby

  • Bought my first used diaper cover from a cloth diapering Facebook group. It’s a newborn wool cover and I am super excited to receive it and put it away with my small but growing stash of diapering supplies.
  • Attended a home birthing information night at my midwifery clinic. The house was PACKED – they had to call in back-up facilitators and split us up into three groups because they didn’t have a room big enough for all of us. Perhaps home births are on the rise? We got to see all of the equipment and supplies that midwives bring to a home birth, we learned what happens in a bunch of different emergency situations, and we learned a lot about water birth. By the time we left, we felt even more excited and positive about the idea of giving birth at home (if that’s even possible).
  • As part of the hypnobirthing classes we wrote down each of our top 5 fears or negative emotions related to birth and/or parenting, and then we worked through the list together. It was really helpful to be forced to discuss our biggest worries out loud with each other. My biggest worry is having to transfer my care to the hospital – I tried not to get too invested in a birth plan, but I can see my perfect birth at home and I am having trouble seeing it go as perfectly at the hospital. My second biggest worry is my wife’s work. It consumes her life in the most negative way and she doesn’t plan to take more than 2 weeks of leave (because that’s all the vacation she has for the year). Then it will be back to stressful 12 hour days. I am very scared of how we will balance her work with having a new baby. I really thought she would have quit by now…

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Emotional rollercoaster. This is actually a good thing; or better, at least, than the consistently sad mindset I was in early on in the pregnancy. I am generally really, really happy now. So excited to meet our baby, so excited to be pregnant, so excited it’s spring, and generally happy with life. And then suddenly I will start sobbing over nothing. And then I will forget why I was crying.
  • Foot and hip pain, foot and leg cramps. I was fast running out of shoes that fit me, and if I crammed my foot somewhere it didn’t fit, I would pay for it with a muscle cramp. So I went to a shoe store that sold shoes to the elderly (read: comfortable shoes only) and bought a pair of moccasins. Bonus: they are hand crafted by Aboriginal artisans and half of the proceeds go to an Aboriginal-related charity of my choice. Really cool company: I will be wearing them all summer.  Another way I have been combatting the hip pain is with a yoga ball. I spend most of my work day on the ball now, and most of the evening when we’re watching TV. It alleviates ALL the hip pain while I’m on it.
  • Appetite. Although weight gain has been a bit slow so far, I think this is the point where it will start to pick up. I am now hungry all the time, snacking constantly between meals. My calories have been a mix of nutrient dense and empty… from almonds and fruit to sour keys and potato chips. The hypnobirthing instructor who also happens to be a naturopath told us that if we are going to do one thing in our diets, let it be cutting out refined sugars and carbs. I’m sorry, but that seems like more than “one thing.”  I am not too concerned with my pregnancy diet, and I believe there is a balance to be found between doing what is best for baby and being happy – take away my sweets and there will be some bad mojo flowing through my body…
  • Movement. I love it when I’m working with my laptop resting against my belly and little bug kicks it and it bounces. I like to think she’s telling me to stop working and pay attention to her. Gladly, little bug, gladly. I haven’t started officially kick counting yet. My midwives say I don’t need to start recording kicks until 28 weeks. When did others start?

Baby This Week

  • 13″ long, between 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 pounds.
  • If she has hair, it is getting colour.
  • Nostrils have been plugged up until this point, but they are now opening so she can practice breathing (fluid) through the nose.

Here’s a little clip of bug’s wild kicks.

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 25

  1. Sounds like everything is going well, emotional rollercoaster included (the joy of pregnancy hormones!).

    I had a home birth and it was easily the most empowering and amazing experience of my life. I hope you will have your chance to have your little one at home, too, if that is what you want! ❤

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  2. I feel so lucky to have a female partner during this time too. Even though she doesn’t totally get the hip pain or sleeplessness, she can commiserate about vaginal and uterine issues, just from a typical menstrual cycle. I am so, so appreciative that she’s a woman, and I know she’ll know what I need during labor.

    As for kick counts, I still don’t (31 weeks). Baby just seems to wiggle and move all the time, sometimes more actively than others. If I notice an hour or two has gone by and I don’t remember feeling anything, I’ll stop and pay attention or poke my belly a bit. As soon as I feel a few kicks, I move on.

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  3. I’ve been pretty bad about the kick counts. She’s so active, I’ve never been worried. If it becomes evening and I don’t really remember feeling her move much that day, I’ll just drink a cold glass of juice, lie on my left side and poke my belly a bit. Once she starts moving, I’m fine. Only a few times have I actually timed it to make sure I felt 10 movements in an hour.

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