Pregnancy Update Week 27

We are now entering the third trimester! How the time flies! There is some discrepancy as to which week marks the 3rd trimester – 27 or 28 – but it makes the most sense to me to divide the 40 weeks of pregnancy by 3, so 27 weeks it is. I’m already getting sad about the prospect of not being pregnant anymore. I love it. And we are pretty sure we only want one kid.

Recap of the second trimester:

Our social life has never been busier than during the second trimester of this pregnancy. We have been trying to cram in visits with all of our friends from near and far before a) we escape to the cottage for the summer and b) the baby comes and makes our socializing availability a little unpredictable. I’m an introvert, and as much as I love all of my friends, this hectic social schedule has been extremely draining and I look forward to having 3rd trimester exhaustion as an excuse to slow down.

I gained 13lb this trimester (and 14 in total). As someone who had an eating disorder in teen-hood, I’m surprised at how excited I am to see the numbers on the scale climb up. All it means to me is that my baby is growing and my body is supporting the baby. When I think about how amazing this whole process is, I get emotional. Thank you body, for being so amazingly capable. I promise to love you after, too.

I have so many favourite parts of this trimester. Little bug’s big kicks, the glorious bump, finding out the sex and naming her, and the easy and comfy maternity wardrobe. I also really appreciated when my mood and energy improved about 1/4 of the way into this trimester. You often hear that the 2nd trimester comes with a burst of energy. Don’t be fooled – my energy levels did not exceed pre-pregnancy levels. I just felt better in comparison to the 1st trimester. Energy has not been something I have in surplus at any point during this pregnancy so far. The toughest part of this trimester has been the hip pain, but I have been really lucky in that my lifestyle allows me to rest my achey body anytime I need to.

Preparations For Baby

I got my glucose tolerance screening test done and failed, but I’m trying not to get too stressed about it until we get the results of the full diagnostic test back. I have no symptoms that would suggest I have trouble metabolising sugar, on paper I am low risk, and I know that the screening test has a fairly high false positive rate. The full test could have gone better… I was told to fast for 12 hours and only drink small amounts. I was dehydrated, and my veins collapsed. I felt super nauseous (I think mostly from the anxiety over all the medical stuff), and had the cold sweats. I spent my last hour of waiting laying in a dark room with a blanket. They felt sorry for me. By the time my last blood draw came they couldn’t get anything from my veins. After four attempts in each arm and three different nurses, they finally got blood from my hand. I am all bruised and swollen now. I tell ya, if I DON’T have gestational diabetes I am going to be furious that I consented to all this testing.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Hip pain. Sounding like a broken record here. I dreamt one night that I was crying from hip pain and fire fighters had to carry me home because of the pain. I woke up so sore, and I think the purpose of the dream was to wake me up to change positions.
  • Hungry for sugary foods. Baked myself a giant chocolate cake and ate pretty much the whole thing to myself in 4 days. Also eating candy and ice cream… I think it might be time to put some self control into effect and try to eat less sugar.
  • Bump is getting in the way. Bending over is a whole new experience now with a big, hard obstruction right at the fulcrum. I have to sit down to put socks, underwear, and pants on. Thank goodness it’s summer and I can usually get away with just pulling a dress over my head. Underwear is also optional these days.
  • Baby’s kicks are getting intense. Sometimes I get a jab in an organ and it really makes me jump. Still super cool, but yikes… feels like she is going to break something in there.

Baby This Week

  • 14 1/2″ long, 2 1/4lbs.
  • Might actually recognize her parents’ voices, and react to them with movement or brain waves. My wife has been doing a lot more talking to the belly (and kisses it every night – cutest thing ever).
  • her adrenal glands are now secreting estrogen (which signals for my body to start lactating)
  • she can now control her lung function on her own, thanks to a further developed nervous system.

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