Pregnancy Update Week 29

We went to the cottage for the first time this season. We try to get up every weekend in the summer, but with social responsibilities we’re lucky to make it up twice a month.

I had another baby-related dream. This time it was a birth dream. I can tell hypnobirthing’s positive affirmations are working for me because in the dream labour and deliver were fast and easy. Meeting Avery in my dream was the coolest thing ever and I really wished I could get back into that dream after waking up. Soon enough it will be reality….

Preparations for Baby

  • more medical appointments. Midwife appointments are now every 2 weeks, and I have a follow-up ultrasound on Monday to check on the migration of my placenta.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • The old annoyances seem to have died down this week. My sleep was pretty terrible at the cottage (rock hard beds), but since being home this week I have slept pretty much through the night. Knock on wood…
  • Other than lots and lots of baby wiggles and kicks, I haven’t really felt pregnant this week. Maybe it’s because I was so mentally and emotionally busy?
  • Craving dairy products… I have never been one to sit down with a tall glass of milk – not even with cookies, but now I am craving milk like it’s going out of style. And cheese. And copious amounts of cottage cheese with cut up apple. Oh, and ice cream. Little bug is now sucking 200mg of calcium from my body every day, so I deserve that ice cream.
  • I found it hilarious that my app gave instructions on how to heave yourself out of bed, but it was actually really useful. It’s like I don’t have ab muscles anymore and it does take a lot of heaving and hoisting to roll myself out of bed. And to get up out of low chairs…

Baby This Week

  • 15-17″ long and weighs 2-1/2 to 3 pounds
  • Super personal and private tidbit about little bug: the clitoris appears really prominent this week because the labia hasn’t grown big enough to envelop it. But we know it’s not a penis.
  • Little bug’s eyes can move in their sockets



3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 29

  1. Oh my gosh! Same exact deal with me and milk. NEVER drank a glass of milk in my life by choice until now. I am having an average of 2 forms of milk a day! I can relate to the in and out of bed thing all too well. I am super jealous you are sleeping through the night. I am up to pee at least 3 times. So much hoisting! haha 🙂

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  2. I drank SO much milk and ate so much cottage cheese when I was pregnant. And then it just disappeared after he was born. So strange. Full fat cottage cheese is SO delicious!

    Liked by 1 person

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