Pregnancy Update Week 30

30 weeks pregnant brings an exponential jump in the realness of this whole situation.

I had a great ultrasound and a great midwife appointment this week.

Last Ultrasound

My placenta continued to move further away from the cervix as my uterus has grown, and is now not at all considered low lying. I was told that it had to be more than 2cm away from the cervix, and it is now 7cm. I also found out that baby is already head down, but she is facing forward. I just need to get her to spin around to face the back before delivery for an optimal birth position, but she can come out totally fine like this too. The cord is wrapped around her neck, but I have been constantly reassured that this is nothing to be worried about. 1/3 of babies are born with their cord around their neck (nuchal cord), and the research I have found suggests that a nuchal cord is not associated with any adverse outcomes – even when the cord is tight.

At this ultrasound I also got to see how chubby she has gotten!! I got a good view of the face with chubby little cheeks, and I even saw hair flowing in the amniotic fluid. Looks like she will come out with a full head of hair. It’s sad to think I won’t be getting another glimpse of baby in the womb, and crazy to think that the next time I see her will be in person in ~2 1/2 months.

Is this picture one of those things that is only adorable through the lens of a mother’s love? I have a feeling seeing a fetus face could be creepy, but I just love this picture so much. Finally – it’s not an image of a skeleton behind transparent skin. Forehead is on the right, chin on the left (with little fists tucked under the chin). Eyes are visible.


New Midwife Team

When I became a patient at my midwife clinic, I was assigned to a pod knowing that one of my two midwives would be going on parental leave before my due date. They finally figured out my new pod, which is my favourite midwife from my previous pod and two whom I hadn’t met yet. I met a second this week and she is awesome. I would be equally happy with either of them attending my birth. This midwife just returned from maternity leave after having two home births of her own, and she used hypnobirthing and had a great birth experience. She also made me feel a lot better about my limited amount of exercise – she said that doing yoga or swimming or walking are great if I have the energy, but I am also getting cardio exercise just as a function of being pregnant, now that my heart is pumping so much more blood than before. A medical professional who tells me I can get exercise by sitting still is the medical professional for me… She also told me that my abs were super tight 😉

Preparations for Baby

  • We have finally begun painting the nursery! Plaster repair took several weeks to complete, but I think the painting will be done much quicker. When painting is finished we can bring in furniture that is either being stored with family or has to be picked up from IKEA.
  • Reading Birthing From Within as a compliment to hypnobirthing. I think it will give me a much more realistic expectation of just how intense birth will be – I will still strive to remain calm and relaxed to help labour along, but I shouldn’t expect it to be EASY to remain relaxed. It will definitely take preparation and willingness to experience the good with the bad.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Breathlessness. First noticed it when I was in a stiflingly hot wedding reception and actually felt a little panicky that it was so hard to breathe deeply. I blamed it on the heat. But since then I have noticed it sometimes while lying down in a cool room. My app says it’s from the uterus pushing down on my diaphragm and pushing up on my lungs.
  • Swollen feet at that wedding after standing lots and being super overheated. When my wife, who was enjoying herself a lot, told me she wanted to stay later than we’d planned, I almost cried. I was ready to leave by 10pm, just because of the discomfort.
  • Same old sleep issues. I had a really good run last week and part of this week – slept comfortably through the night with just a couple of bathroom trips that didn’t make me feel any less rested. The hip pain and leg cramps that keep me awake seem to be back again now though. I’m thinking about getting more pillows and trying to sleep sitting propped up, instead of on my side, to give my hips a break.

Baby This Week

  • 3lb, 16″. Fruit size we are going with this week is pineapple.
  • shedding the lanugo (fine hair all over the body) because she is better able to regulate her own temperature now.
  • Her bone marrow is now supplying all of her red blood cells. She is getting more self sufficient by the day…
  • Her brain is now too big for her head – it is starting to grow into folds (gyri and sulci).

8 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 30

  1. How are we 30 weeks?! I woke up this morning in complete disbelief! To the point where I counted the weeks on a calendar because I thought I entered something wrong in my app. So excited for your head down baby girl!! She will be here before we know it!

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  2. Congrats on 30 weeks! i’ve found sleeping in a propped up position instead of on my side does help with the hip pain – i started sleeping that way to combat the acid reflux, so the hips thing was a bonus! hope it’s helpful for you too – i know that hip pain is no joke!

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  3. Aw, I love the little squishy ultrasound face. She has chubby cheeks already!

    Our kiddo was also in OP position with a nuchal cord – my wife did all these manoeuvres to try to get her to turn, but no dice. But you’ve got about 10 weeks for her to turn, and she’s probably still got a decent amount of room in there! The website has some good resources to help with turning babies for optimal positioning, as well as some comforting information about how often they turn themselves during early labour.

    Glad to hear you’re happy with your midwife team, that is so important!


  4. Congrats on reaching 30 weeks! Our kiddo had the cord around her neck a couple times, but it was no biggie. Her head crowned, the midwife just calmly pulled the cord over the baby’s head to get it out of the way and then proceeded to birth the rest of the body. You’ve got plenty of time to get that baby turned around. So exciting!

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  5. I love that ultrasound photo! I have a picture of Charlotte’s face from somewhere close to the same point in my pregnancy and it really looks like her! (To me, anyway!) Happy 30 weeks (and beyond)!

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