Pregnancy Update Week 31

Happy Canada Day!

Life has been busy, baby has been growing, discomfort has been mounting.

My schedule has been so full lately with social obligations, work, school, volunteering, home maintenance, appointments, and other aspects of adult life, that I feel myself getting overwhelmed. I’m frustrated that I am in the last leg of this pregnancy journey and I can’t seem to slow down and appreciate it the way I’d like to, with lots of time for quiet contemplation, down time with my wife, and relishing the alone time while I still have the option for alone time.
My wife is taking Monday and Tuesday off this week, so after all of the boisterous family has left the cottage Sunday night we will have two days to ourselves which will be amazing. However, I finally got my qualifying exam proposal approved – leaving me less than a month to write something that is supposed to take 3 months – so I really can’t afford to not work on Monday and Tuesday. At least I can work at the cottage and can be in the same building as my wife.

The heat mixed with the frustration of being so busy and not having down time to recharge my introvert batteries has caused me to get a bit snappy and intolerant of people who ask things of me. I get frustrated with invitations to hang out with friends, go to weddings/showers/baptisms/etc, and even with offers for small contracts of paid work. I get grumpy because I hate feeling guilty for having to turn people down, but it is for my own sanity and well-being.
Anyway, my goal for August is to relax. My qualifying exam date is set for Aug 2nd, and then I will be done school until I return from parental leave.

Preparations for Baby

  • The nursery is painted (except for one last coat on the walls)! My wife spent many late nights after long days at work getting the old lath and plaster walls prepped and painted, and it is SO rewarding for her to see it finally painted. Now just the furniture acquisition…
  • Our cats went for dentistries. Their teeth were gross, and one of the cats had lost a couple from rot. I felt like a terrible cat mum when I realized how bad it was. This counts as baby prep because we wanted to get their health care under control (and paid for) before becoming completely consumed by a baby’s needs.

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • Grumpy
  • Hot
  • Tired
  • Another stomach bug… I called the midwife after 3 days of diarrhea and cramps and a really uncomfortably tight abdomen that spread into my lower back muscles. Because cramping and diarrhea can be signs of a threatened preterm labour, I just wanted to let the midwife know and be reassured that everything was fine. She suspects it’s just another bug, and as I know all too well, bugs last longer when you’re pregnant. It has been 5 days now and I am only just starting to feel better.
  • Lots of baby movement. Movement is now directed inward, with kicks and punches directed at my organs (which was very uncomfortable on the stomach bug cramps). I’ve also been feeling a lot of the Moro Reflex – baby shakes rather violently for a few seconds at a time. Google told me a range of thing about this – some moms worried this sensation was the baby having seizures, so of course I had a moment of panic. But then several more reputable sources said it was the harmless Moro (or startle) reflex. Harmless or not, it is really strange to feel baby shaking like that. 
  • Brain fog and poor memory. I cannot remember what I have on my schedule for any given day. I have to constantly check my calendar throughout the day to see what’s next and make sure I’m not missing anything. This is new for me. 

    Baby This Week

    • 3.3lb, 16″
    • Baby is now urinating 2 cups into the amniotic fluid each day!

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