Pregnancy Update Week 33

I’m writing this entry from my nursing chair in the nursery. The crib, dresser, shelves and chair are all in and set up, and I can so clearly see baby girl napping in here, being changed in here, and one day playing in here. It’s perfect. After our baby shower on July 24th we will have a lot of stuff to wash and put away, and a lot of decor items to place around the nursery. THEN I will post some pictures.

My wife’s 30th birthday is tomorrow. We are celebrating with her family because we wanted to be at the cottage. She has always wanted a surprise party. Last year I tried to plan one and only two people could make it and they were both from very different social circles so it was kind of an awkward disaster. This year we are so busy every weekend with social things and baby stuff that I couldn’t make it happen. I feel like a shitty wife, but then again my 30th birthday is 10 days later and we’re not having a party for that either, so   at least we’re both having blasé 30th birthdays.

Preparations for Baby

  • Baby room is painted, furniture is in, crib is built. 
  • My cloth diaper stash is coming along nicely. I have done a pretty good job of finding great used deals on Facebook buy/sell/trade groups, and have purchased a couple of new up-cycled wool items from etsy. We are still hoping to get our all-in-two system at the shower (mother-ease Wizard Duo), but I have about 80% of the fitteds & wool system collected now. We have also received some assorted hand-me-downs from friends that are different from the systems we have chosen (pockets, AIOs, some plastic covers). This way, if neither of our systems are working for us, we can try out other options in a pinch. I have spent $450 so far and am hoping for a 60-80% resale value when we are done with diapers. I am tracking EVERYTHING in excel, and will do a post about how much we have saved in comparison to disposables (expect this in ~2 years when the end is in sight…).

Bodily Experiences This Week

  • It’s f***ing hot. This week we had severe weather warnings for heat and humidity.  I basically feel sweaty all the time now, even in air conditioned spaces. The ease of dressing the bump in the summer months is great (as opposed to having to buy a maternity winter coat, lots of pants and sweaters), but I keep wishing I could go outside and lay in a snowbank.
  • Getting tired again… it’s not as consistent as the first trimester fatigue (which was every day all day), but I have my days again where I can’t keep my eyes open and I feel like I am dragging my feet.
  • Insomnia. I have been a grumpy, grumpy, grouch ball for the past week because I’m not getting enough sleep.
  • Sex hurts. It started hurting early in the pregnancy, and I think it’s probably just due to increased sensitivity. However, it makes me a little worried about passing a 5″ wide head through there when I can’t even take 0.5 inches without pain… I know my hypnobirthing mantras: my body is designed to birth this baby, and my baby is the right size for my body. But I can’t help but wonder if this tightness and pain is abnormal. It feels like my vagina is a rolled up piece of sandpaper with no give. We are going to start doing perineal massage because there is lots of anecdotal evidence that it helps, and it’s better than doing nothing to prepare!

Baby This Week

  • 4lb, 18″
  • head circumference gained an entire half inch this week because her brain is getting so big
  • Little bug has reached another milestone this week: she now has her own functioning immune system! It’s getting safer and safer to be born…

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update Week 33

  1. Zomg the heat is real. We’ve had our a/c on constantly and it’s still not enough. I keep filling all my water bottles with ice and occasionally sticking my head in the freezer. Snow would be so great!


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