I got a UTI last night. It hit all of a sudden (or I just didn’t notice the burning pee earlier), when I noticed blood in the toilet. I was peeing blood. Clots, even. Then I started to notice the stinging, burning sensation of a classic UTI. I called the midwife and she said to drink lots of water and monitor it until the next morning when the clinic would be open again so I could drop off a urine sample.

As the night progressed, my uterus got really hard with Braxton Hicks contractions. By 2am I was awoken by stabbing pain at the top of my uterus that radiated downward. After a few sensations like this, my wife suggested I time it. So I downloaded a contraction counter app and for the next 3 hours I timed them, while in and out of sleep. For the most part, the sensation jolted me awake. To my surprise, by 5am the app had calculated an average of 1 minute long contractions spaced 5 minutes apart.

I paged the midwife again early this morning and she faxed a prescription for antibiotics to my pharmacy, to be started immediately. She said that if the contractions are caused by the UTI, which it seems like they are, the antibiotics should stop the contractions as soon as they reach the infection.

So apparently UTIs can trigger pre-term labour. Definitely something to watch out for. I am currently trying to keep moving around, taking baths, and drinking lots of water, trying to make the contractions stop. They are definitely less frequent when I move around a little or change positions.

Stay in there little one…

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