Avery’s First Month

I wanted to have this posted on the 24th (her actual one-month), but our cat was really sick all weekend and it distracted us. We had him put down this morning. He was so in love with Avery… He kept close to me and purred at my belly during the entire pregnancy. After she arrived he always wanted to be close to her. When she cried he would come running and check in on her to see what was wrong. When company held her he would sit next to them as if to make sure they were gentle with her. He has always had a caring way for vulnerable people. He was at my mother-in-law’s bedside while she was sick, and he became very sick himself when she passed away. So we are very sad that Avery has lost her cat brother. They would have been close.

On to the update…

People say she looks like my wife. Those cheeks definitely look like my wife’s cheeks. Her tiny ears and button nose look like mine did as a baby. She really does look like her own person though, and genetics seem so irrelevant at this time.

She weighs 10lb 2oz, so since her last weigh in almost 3 weeks ago she has put on a pound a week. She is a perfect chunky little monkey. Her adorable newborn outfits are already packed away to be passed along to the next baby in our social circle. It was very emotional for me to pack them away… some of my favourites were only worn once… She is already in 3 month clothes, and is awkwardly in between newborn and size 1 diapers. Soon I hope she will fit in our cloth diapers and we can stop filling the garbage bin to the brim every week.

Sleeping and pooping 

She is learning how to sleep. Learning how to poop is a big part of that, because she started out spending hours trying to poop instead of sleeping. The midwives said her bowels should be mature by 2 months, so hopefully it will just keep getting easier for her over the next 4 weeks. Her longest sleep stretch during the day was 4 hours, and at night 3 hours. Usually she goes an hour and a half to 2 hours between night feeds.

Other developments

She pulled my hair for the first time! Really figuring out what her hands can do. She also holds the pacifier in her mouth. We got her on the pacifier when we realized that she was doing a lot of comfort nursing when she was gassy. Now my wife can soothe her gassiness too, which is a huge help.

She is also making eye contact and following faces and voices, and can lift and turn her head really efficiently during tummy time. First milestones met. On to the next.


2 thoughts on “Avery’s First Month

  1. I’m so sorry about your cat. It’s like losing a family member, and I hope you guys give yourselves space to grieve. Even though I can’t imagine how you can do that with a one month old. Talk about stress.
    Glad everything else seems to be going all right. It blew my mind the first time I read about babies and their immature bowels. It’s no overstatement that those first few months are really a fourth trimester.

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