My vagina is ruined.

Not literally. I’m sure it will still work as it should. But it hasn’t healed – there is still a gaping hole between where two stitches were, and that’s what has been stinging so much when I pee or have sitz baths. Also, my vagina itself looks like a giant cavern and I am queefing all the time. It looks so different than I remember it, like it’s not even me anymore. I wish I hadn’t looked. It has put me in a self-defeated, pouty mood. We are almost 6 weeks into the healing process and I am so discouraged at how slowly it’s going. 


6 thoughts on “My vagina is ruined.

  1. I had a second degree tear and a year in, it still hurts when I’m squatting. It’s going to take time, but you’ll make peace with the changes eventually. I’m so sorry–but she’s worth it, right?!

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  2. omg the queefing, right? I haven’t looked at mine, but I know it’s very different. My inner left labia is basically gone. My wife tells me I’m lucky because I got a free “vagina lift” like a face lift…but it’s super odd being so different after having one vagina your whole life.

    At 6 weeks I was still doing some major healing (they cauterized me with silver nitrate at my appt). At 12 weeks I feel pretty normal. Except for the queefing…


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