Trip to the walk-in clinic: #FirstTimeParentWorry

We went to the walk-in clinic last night – nervous first time parents worried that something was wrong because of all the crying. The doctor knowingly smiled at us and said that our baby is perfectly healthy, and that babies just cry sometimes. Turns out that the diaper rash our midwives diagnosed as thrush wasn’t thrush though, so the cream we have been using for the past 10 days wasn’t helping it and she did have quite an angry diaper rash. The doctor gave us a prescription for a cream with a steroid in it to make sure her bum was being soothed – not because the baby needed it, but because we needed it. We just needed that medical reassurance that we were doing everything we possibly could for her.

When we got home from the clinic she started the most intense cluster feeding session we have yet experienced. She fussily nursed (with lots of grunting and short, frustrated cries and boob punching) from 8pm until midnight. Growth spurt I totally forgot that she was due for a 6 week spurt, and I am really hoping that’s why her crying had escalated so much over the last couple of days. She has always gotten particularly fussy around her growth spurts.

And today she is sleeping like a log.

6 thoughts on “Trip to the walk-in clinic: #FirstTimeParentWorry

  1. I appreciate the first trip to the doctor – we chose the emergency not a walk-in clinic just to be told our son was perfectly healthy. But it made us feel better and that’s all that matters! 😊
    Glad you sweet little girl is doing well! We’ve found grouchiest increases right before he make a leap in his developmentally. Do you use the wonder weeks ap?

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  2. Sounds like a spurt/leap to me. Round 6 weeks Z could not be put down without screaming his head off. He also had a vicious rash all down his face and back, and needed feeding every 10/20 minutes. She will settle soon enough 🙂 xx

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